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G.S.T.B.A. All the information written in this article is intended. Goes to. All GST information given below is given by G.S.T.B.A. It is written by me that it is going to be accessible to everyone and its benefits to everyone.
The Gujarat Sales Tax Bar Association has been issuing legal and administrative questions of business enterprise under sales tax and VAT law since the last 60 years, if the questions are presented in our association by their lawyer friends, who are represented by the senior members of our association as well as It is necessary for proper disposal of proper and timely submission in the government and VAT department at the right level. Ritto is done. Apart from this, the change in law has also been done by updating the seminar and meeting arrangements for every member of the committee.

Now, when all the indirect tax liabilities of the Center and the States are combined, the GST law for "ONE TAX, ONE NATION and ONE MARKET" is going to come into force from 01-07-2017 and when GST is going to be sunk GSTBA's guide to publishing GST's guide "BOOK" in Gujarati by "The GUJARAT SALES TAX BAR ASSOCIATION", which is available to the whole business industry for its implementation. The MANAGING COMMITTEE is a unanimous decision.
I am grateful to the G.S.T.B.A. for the preparation of this book, in order to prepare the guidelines of the GST, accepting it as selflessly accepting it, on behalf of the self-respected brother, Mr. P. K. Soni, Mr. Kulin B. Shah, Mr. A.N. Patel and Mr. Sameer Siddapuriya. I thank them for the entire team.

Before this book publication happens, requesting them to write a prerequisite for this book, by requesting them to write a prerequisite for doing so, they are also requested to write G.S.T.B.A. I'm grateful for the whole team.
This GST guidebook is expected to help in providing a very useful and accurate guide to the implementation of the upcoming new law of the state's business GST, as well as the entire association of association members to help guide their clients.

Thus the government and the G.S.T.B.A. This publication will prove to be an attempt to be a collaborator. Thanks to Mr. Harishbhai N Shah for helping Mr. Dhruvbhai and printing to help in this publication.

This publication G.S.T.B.A. I feel very proud and proud to be famous through.

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