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Shop Owner Name :
Address : R/o. - 14/B,Jaykamal Bunglows,
     B/H. Aashray Hotel,

 R/O. - Third Line, Opp. Bahucharmata
 Temple,Para, Mahesana-384 001.

 R/O. - Third Line, Opp. Bahucharmata
Temple,Para, Mahesana -384 001.



   A.   That First Party has agreed to rent out his shop no. (यहाँ पर आपको Office का Address लिखना है PIN Code के साथ)  to Second Party for  a monthly Rent of (महीने में कितना किराया देना है उसकी Amount यही लिखनी है) Rs. 3000/- w.e.f. (आपकी दुकान का किराया यानि आप जिस तारीख से दुकान स्टार्ट कर रहे है वहासे कहा तक का Rent Agreement है वह Date लिखनी है| जैसे ककी 11 महीने तक का Rent Agreement होता है) 01-07-2018 to 30-06-2019  and Can be extended on mutual consent .

    B.   The Rent of the Said Shop shall be paid from the first five Days of the month the ( यहाँ पर आप 2 महीने का Rent Advance लेना चाहते है तो यहाँ पर आप 2 Months Rent as a Deposit रख सकते है )Two Months Deposit i.e. Rs. 6000/- shall be Paid by Second Party to the First Party in Cash.

   C.   The Rent Shall be (Rent एक साल के बाद कितना बढ़ेगा वह भी आप Rent Agreement में लिख सकते है )Increased by 10% at every 11 Months.

   D.   That subject the first Party Covenants the Second Party shall keep the interior of the demised premises in good order and condition reasonable wear and tear excepted and to attend to minor repair such as fuses, leakage and water tapes etc..

  E.   That the Second Party shall be demised premise for COMMERCIAL PURPOSE ONLY and shall pay for the consumption of electricity, water charges and any other taxes direct to the concerned authorities as per the bills Received by them.

  F.    That Second Party shall not Sub-let assign or otherwise part with possession of the demise premises with out of the consent of the First Party in writing.

  G.   That the First Party of Second party, shall be entitled to terminate the lease at any time during the initial or renewed terms of the lease upon serving one month previous notice in writing of his/her intention to do so.

  H.   That the lease shall mentioned the demised premises for office use only in good and tenantable repair, reasonable wear and leaf.

  I. That the lessee shall at the expiration or sooner deliver unto the lessor vacant possession of the demised premises in good and tenantable and fixtures and fittings there in blowing or to belong to this lessor.

Verification :
Verified that the above affidavit is true and correct to the best of our Knowledge and belief.

(Deponent)                                                                              (Deponent)
FIRST PARTY                                                                      SECOND PARTY

Place :- Mahesana
Date :-  20/03 /2020 

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