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In some cases punishment - punishment:
Section -132
You are read the GST in English. You are read the GST Act in Section-132 introduce of In some Cases Punishment in GST. You are reading here, Section 132 of GST - Provision of punishment has been made to offend the law given in GST law. According to the GST Act 2017, the information provided for the GST section 132 has been given. In this GST section, you can get all the information about the exact sentence for certain offenses, as per GST Act 2017.
Information has been presented to us through our knowledge and analysis of the information given in the GST section 132 of the GST Act 2017.
We are putting all the information about GST and the full penalty and sentence related to it. A certain sentence has been given by the taxpayer and some of the properties that have been done. You can read the information given below and read what kind of punishment is given.

A. If any intention of tax evasion by breaking a law,

1. Despite the supply, Tax Invoice will not,

2.Save without tax will give Tax Invoice so that

3. Receive Input Tax Credit by presenting such a bill, if the wrong Input Tax Credit is available or misused.

4. Collect Taxes and not pay it timely.

5. Taxes also conceal due to other circumstances which are not in the above circumstances, fraudulently obtaining ITC or getting a refund incorrectly.

6. Legislation falsely falsely records financial records intended to pay outstanding tax, instead of making fake or misrepresenting information.

7. Stop any officer from performing his duty - obstruction

8. If you know that goods are confiscation, they may take the goods themselves; they are involved in the transaction, transferring, depositing, purchasing etc.

9. Know whether it is a reason to believe or provide such services.

10. Compensate with important accounts, documents.

11. Although they have been told to provide information, they do not provide or provide false.

12. There is a provision of punishment for the following reasons for the crime or for the help of this.

13. For the purpose of this, if the hidden tax, wrongly earned or the amount of Input Tax or Refund used,

A.Rs. If there is more than 50 crores, imprisonment up to 5 years and penalty penalties.

B. Rs. 20 crores more than Rs. If there is not more than 50 crores, then 3 years of imprisonment and penal punishment.

C. Such amount due to any other offense.

Rs. If there is no more than Rs. 20 crores more than Rs. 10 crores, there is a provision of 1 year jail and penalty penalties. If a person provides false records for the purpose of avoiding tax filing, false, fraudulent etc. Any officer who performs offense, preventing, interfering with important accounts, etc. will help in imprisonment and punishment for up to 6 months due to the offense committed or assisted in it.

B. If any person has been convicted for this offense, he or she will be subjected to imprisonment and punishment of 5 years for each offense.

C. If there is no special and adequate reasons for a person, then in the case mentioned above, the minimum sentence of 6 months will be mentioned in the court's judgment.

D. Whatever the provision of the Criminal Procedure Code, all the offenses under this Act shall be non-cognizable and bailable.

E. However, the offense shown in above and 5 above this issue is cognizable and non-bailable offenses.

F. No criminal prosecution will be imposed against such person without the permission of the Commissioner.

In this section, where tax is mentioned in the tax, hidden taxes, incorrectly used or used ITC amount, wrongly refunds which will include all of the previous laws under the following SGST Act, IGST Act, UTIGST Act and Cess.

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