Notice for Required Additional Information relating to Registration / Amendments / Cancellation

You are Read the Information About Required additional information related to Registration, Amendments and Cancellation. You are Read the Information about any Taxpayer or GST administrative required to Get Notice and demand to Additional Information Like, Registration Amendments and Process of GST Number Cancellation. Now, we are Provide a Data of New Registration of GST Number. As under see the Format of GSTR -3 For Get Notice to Required Additional Information.

As Under see the GST REG-03 Form.

Department of --------------

Form GST REG-03

[See Rule ---]

Notice for Seeking Additional Information / Clarification / Documents relating to Application for <<Registration/Amendment/Cancellation >>

Reference Number        :                                                                                   << Date– DD/MM/YYYY>>


Name of the Applicant/ Taxpayer

Address of the Applicant/Taxpayer


Application Reference No. (ARN):                                                                         Dated-– DD/MM/YYYY

This is with reference to your <<registration>> application referred above, filed under Section ---- of the Goods and Services Tax Act, 20--. The Department has examined your application and is not satisfied with it for the following reasons:




¢   You are directed to submit your reply by ……….. (DD/MM/YYYY)

¢  *You are hereby directed to appear before the undersigned authority on ……… (DD/MM/YYYY) at ……. (HH:MM)

If no response is received by the stipulated date and time as stated above, your application is liable for rejection. Please note that no further notice / reminder will be issued in this matter.

Digital Signature

Name of the Proper Officer


* (Not applicable for Application for New Registration)

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