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You are Read the Information about Miracle Accounting Software. Miracle Accounting Software is very simple and easy Accounting Software. This is very useful and helpful Accounting Software as well as Tally Accounting Software. This Accounting Software is Single Entry Accounting Software. Any Person does not know Account, But this software also know how to write a Account. Learn Online Accounting and Accounting Software before know some Words in used Accounting Language.Brief Description of Some words in Accounting Language. It’s Called Business Word in used Accounting Language.

You are Read the Information about Online Accounting Software. we are suggested to very simple and easy Accounting Software is Miracle Accounting Software. This Software is very easy download and work in Single and Double Entry System. This Accounting Software also learn to user how to Prepare and where is entry Passed in Which Voucher used. Now, You are tour of The Simple and Trusted Accounting Software.
Open Google in your Browser. and Search As under see the Button Download Software.


after Download.Open Miracle Accounting Software.
Open Accounting Software and Learn Online How to Work and which and where is button in useful in Accounting. As Under see the Brief Description of all Accounting Option.

Learn Menu bar Button in Use of Accounting Software.

Account :- Account

Master :- Master

Transaction :- Transaction

Report :-Report

Utility :-Utility

Setup :-Setup

Exit :-Exit

Advantage of Miracle Accounting Software
1. Easy and Simple Accounting Software as well as Tally and other Accounting Software.
2.Double Accounting Entry and Single Accounting Entry Both are available in Miracle Accounting Software.
3.Report Generated is very Simple and easy Process to Generated any Report.
4. Generated Data is Open to Various Function Like Microsoft ward, Microsoft Excel, PDF etc... More Option.
5.freeze and Audit option is extra and very secure for accounting entry as well as other Accounting Software.
6. Auto Entry Function available as well as other Accounting Software.
7. Interest Calculation and Profit & Loss Calculation is very easy and automatic passed entry when you press Button.
8. Miracle Accounting Software is also as well as available in Local and Global language Like English, Gujarati and Hindi language available.
9. GST and TDS Report Generated automatic when you Passed Right entry and right Information Provide in Accounting Software.
10.Miracle Accounting Software Purchase Cost is very cheap as well as other Accounting Software.

You are Introduce a Short Cut Key Use in Open Some Option. As Under See the Short Cut Key.

Short Cut Key
Miracle Homepage
 C or c
To change company
 M or m
To open last menu
 N or n
To open last option
 S or s
To M-search
 Y or y
To change year
Any where in the software
Multi company & multi year to add any type of new voucher
Multi company & multi year account ledger report
Multi company & multi year product ledger report
Multi company & multi year receivables outstanding
Context sencitive online help
Change work date
Activates online calculator
 Shift + Tab
Go to next control (Backword)
Go to next control (Forward)
Popup Selection Entry
To find out some text or number from any report & popup
To repeat last find. ( find again)
To find out some text or number
Voucher Entry
In voucher entry, to repeat previous narration
To delete voucher
To edit voucher
To edit separate voucher
To add new voucher
 Page Down
To edit next voucher
 Page Up
To edit previous voucher
To edit separate voucher
 Shift + F8
To edit auto production voucher from sales voucher
For any narration entry, open narration help popup
Item Entry
 Ctrl + Down Arrow
Product Entry Sequence Down
 Ctrl + Up Arrow
Product Entry Sequence Up
Entry In between Any Entry In Voucher
 Shift + Tab
To exit from Item Entry (Backword)
To exit from Item Entry (Forward)
To open setup
To print voucher/report
To open master selection
To edit user field values
To change date/date range
To apply filter

As under See the First Option is Account. You are learn now Account option in Miracle Accounting Software. 
Account: - This is very important word of Accounting Language in Account Business. This word is heart of Accounting. Account is also called name of Person. Without Name, How to Possible Create and Passed Entry in Accounting Business. As under see the Some words is Called Account.
1.     Purchase Account
2.     Sales Account
3.     Fixed Assets Account
4.     Vehicle Purchase Account
5.     Bank Interest Income Account
6.     Fixed Deposit Interest Account
7.     Machinery Purchase Account

Group: - This is very important word in Accounting Business. If you are create an Account but Right Group Selected to Generated Right Report by Accounting Software. Group is one type of Account is Merged to Generate Right and Truth Report in Accounting Software. Accounting Software depended in Group is also soul of Accounting Software. As Under see the List of Group Name is used under select in Account Name.

Trading Account Related Group Name
Purchase Account
Sales Account
Direct Expenses
Direct Income
Closing Stock
Opening Stock

Profit & Loss Account Related Group Name
Indirect Income
Indirect Expenses
Partner Remuneration
Partner Interest
Profit & Loss Account

Balance Sheet Related Group Name
Capital Account
Loan (Liability)
Unsecured Loan
Sundry Creditors
Duties & Taxes
Bank OCC Account
Current Liabilities
Fixed Assets
Sundry Debtors
Bank Account
Cash-in Hand
Misc. Expenses

As above is all are Called Group Name. This is very important in Accounting Software.

VAT is old Taxes in India. Now, 1 July, 2017 to apply New rules of GST. Now we are Learn GST Rules. New Tax Rate in GST. As under Learn Both Tax in Available in India. First we are Learn of GST.
GST: - GST Full name of Goods and Service Tax. In India, Apply New Law of GST instead of VAT and Service tax and Excise Duty. In before 1st July, 2017. Apply for VAT Tax on Sales and Purchase. Service Tax applies on Service Received and Paid. Both are Tax is total tax is VAT Tax Rate is 15% +Service Tax Rate is 16%. Total Tax is 31% on Purchase of Products and Paid and Received Service and manufacturing of Products. In Indian Govt. Removed VAT Tax, Service Tax and Excise Duty and Launched New GST Tax.


TDS: - TDS Full Name of Tax Deducted at Sources. TDS is very simple but now online Tax. TDS is deducted on Income and Service. TDS also applies in Various Services and Income. TDS Rate is as under.

As under see the Rate of TDS.       TDS RATE

Know more About TDS.                  TDS = TAN

Products :-  In Miracle Accounting Software, when you are Create company and select a “With Stock “ Option to Generated this Option. This Option used in Inventory means Stock Calculation method. You are wanting to Maintained Inventory day by day.
For Example: - Small Shop Business men write Accounting and billing by Products. This Option to Open Create Products Name.

Other Info: - Other Info means Other Information about Products related more Option. As under see the other Option in Other Info.

Opening Stock: - Opening Stock means you are running a business and changes of Accounting Software.  Accounting Software is also get option to Get Details of Opening Stock. If you have a Opening Stock. Provide Details of Opening Stock.
Product Group: - Products Group Means one and more Products in Various Company and Various type look but all are treated as a One Group. It’s called to Products Group. For Example: T.V. wholesaler Company Sales various Companies Brand Sales but All are Products is Called One Name T.V. T.V. In Various Size to Different type. All T.V. Brand Different to Various Size and Brand.

Products Category: - Products Category means as above read the Same T.V. but Different in Size and Look. It’s Different in Various type of size. More Details seen the Image about Product Category.

User Master Entry: - User Master Entry Means Data Entry Operator or Senior Accountant Enter Entry of Master Account. If any New Products add or Change in Scheme or Discount on Products.

Transaction :- You are read the Various type of Transaction in use of Accounting. we are Provide a Brief Description in Learning Online Accounting Voucher. In Account, 7 types of Business Transaction to Create Accounting Report. without Transaction is not Possible to create Report Like, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account and Trading Account. Now, Let's go to Introduce Business Transaction Accounting Transaction.


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