Method of GSTIN Registration Process -

The Method of GSTIN Registration Process

You are Read the Information of the method of GSTIN Registration Process in India. This is very simple and easy method of Step by Step learn to Get GSTIN Number for Start New Business or Existing Business. 
As Under Learn Step by Step Following to GSTIN Registration Process.
The GSTIN  For obtaining registration, all the taxable Taxpayer  shall interact with GST tax authorities through a common portal called GST Tax Common Portal that would be set up by Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). The portal will have backed integration with the respective Online IT systems of the Center and States Government.
The Method of GST Registration  step by step Provide an Information  click on the Button 

 New Application For GSTIN Number

For new applicants The Registration procedure for migration of existing Taxpayer either with the Center or State or both is, For  More Information Migration Existing Taxpayer , Click on  Button as under.

 GSTIN - Existing Taxpayer Registration Number

You are Read the Information, a new taxpayer person would be allowed to apply for registration without prior enrollment. First Step is Collected All Documents and Prepare Application of taxpayer, Then Online Submitted Application,  Send by GST Portal, a message asking for confirmation Code and Link will be sent through email and SMS to the authorized signatory of the applicant. 

On receipt of such confirmation from the authorized  person signatory, Online Acknowledgement Number would be generated and intimated to the applicant.
After,Once the application is approved and GSTIN Number is Online generated, the same along with Log-in ID and temporary Password will be sent to the authorized person signatory. This Login ID and Password used  will be permanently used to access the GST Common Portal subsequently. 

Collect Details of Email ID and Mobile Number of Authorized Person, Provision for capturing e-mail and Mobile Number of authorized Person representative of the taxpayer has also been incorporated in the proposed GST Registration Form. 
It would be the responsibility of the taxpayer or Authorized Person to keep this information updated.

Confirmation of Online verification of PAN of the Business / Sole Proprietor/ Partner/Karta/Managing Director and whole time directors/Member of Managing Committee of Association, Managing trustee/authorized signatory etc. of the business would be compulsory and without such  Self verification, registration application will not be received  to be submitted. 

You are read , the Brief Information of helpline Center and Tax Return Prepare  Scheme
In order to cater to the Required Information of taxpayers who are not IT savvy, This Facilities Shall be made available here.

How to Preparer GST Tax Return. 
An Applicant may prepare his GST registration application /Himself Preparer GST Return or can Contact the TRP for Helping .TRP will prepare the said registration document /return in Prepare format on the basis of the Given information to him by the taxable person. The legal responsibility of the correctness of Authorized Person information contained in the forms prepared by the TRP will rest with the taxable person only and the TRP shall not be liable for any defective Information or errors or incorrect taxable Person information. If  provided read deeply in the GST law, TRPs would be approved by the GST authorized  person ( Authorized Administrative) of the Centre and the States and will also be provided appropriate, GST basic information Provide in learning Classes, as per common curriculum to be devised by EC/ GST Councilor.

Procedure of Facilitation Centre (FC)

Facilitation Centre shall be responsible for the Scanning of Documents and / or uploading of the forms and Documents including summary sheet duly signed by the Authorized Person Signatory and given to it by the taxable person

 After uploading the data and Form on common GST portal using the ID and Password of Facilities Center's Authorized Person., a print-out of acknowledgement will be taken and signed by the Facilities Centre and handed over to the taxable person for his Documents records. 

The Facilitation Centre will scan and upload the summary sheet duly signed by the Authorized person Signatory. 

This is the system in vogue for submitting TDS returns by more than 2 million tax deductors to the Income Tax Department.

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  1. GST is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services. This law has replaced many indirect tax laws that previously existed in India. Under the GST regime, the tax will be levied at every point of sale. In case of central GST and state GST will be charged.

  2. Very helpful information for GSTIN registration. I using an 123 easy to register and getting the new GSTIN number. Log on to 123 and go to Registration option to fill the part of the application with your name, e-mail ID and mobile number. The portal verify your details by sending an OTP to your mobile and email.


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