GSTR-3-Registered Taxable Person-

GSTR-3 - Registered Taxable Person
You are Read the Information about Brief Description about GSTR-3 Form in GST law. In Before, You are Learn GSTR-1 Form  and GSTR-2 Form. This Form Description is by self Introduce to Information about who and when e filing GSTR Return in GST law.In GSTR -3 Form Introduce to Every Taxpayer filing monthly return on the basis of finalization of details of outward Goods supplies and inward Goods supplies along with the payment of with amount of tax. In this Form is Used for Registered in GST Act as a Taxable Person. who is liable to Claimed Input Tax Credit and Claimed for output tax Credit in GSTR Return form. 
You are Read the GSTR-3 Form Format in GST law. As under see the Some Important Details about e filing Online GSTR Form in GST Portal.

Name of Taxable Taxpayer  – Name of the taxpayer Person , will also be highlighted to at the time of logging into the Online common  GST Portal.

Taxpayer Business Address – GST Portal highlighted to Taxpayer Business address of the registered taxable person will get self highlighted here.

Return filing Period: (Month -Year) – A Taxable taxpayer is must be compulsory to select from a  Online e filing return related  e return filing month and year for which  GSTR-3 is being Online GSTR return filed.

Details of Yearly or Monthly Turnover  – This heading will include consolidated Gross turnover of all types of Goods and Service supplies. Gross turnover must be compulsory required to be bifurcated various heading of turnover.
As under see the brief description of bifurcated in various type of Turnover in Business.

1.Taxable Turnover in GST Act.
2.Export Turnover in GST Act.
3.Nil rated and Exempted Turnover in GST Act.
4.Non-GST Turnover in GST Act.
must be Compulsory,Total Turnover bifurcated in as above various turnover in Business.

In Business  sales or Outward Supplies :-
All the outward Supplies and sales of filed under GSTR-1 form will flow under this Selected heading in GST Portal. GSTR-1 compulsory an assesses to provide details of outward supplies in Sales. All such information gets highlighted under available selected heading. GSTR portal available in these subheadings have been provided as under:

As under see the Available heading in GSTR Portal, taxpayer selected to such information Provide in GSTR Portal to e filing GSTR Return.

Inter-State Supplies to Registered Taxable Taxpayer
Inter-State Supplies to Registered Taxable Taxpayer
Inter-State Supplies to Retailer Customer
Inter-State Supplies to Retailer Customer
Exports (including deemed exports)
Revision of Supply Sale and Purchase Invoices, Credit Notes and  Debit Notes
Claimed to total Tax Liability on Outward Supplies.

As Under Download GSTR-3 Form Download.



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