Credit Note Accounting Voucher -

Credit Note Accounting Voucher
You are Read the Information about Miracle Accounting Software. In Account various type of Voucher available to Posting Accounting Entry. Before you are Learn Bank Payment Accounting Voucher, Bank Receipt Accounting Voucher, Cash payment Accounting Voucher, Cash Receipt Accounting Voucher. This is all are Basic voucher in available Accounting Software. In Account, Credit Note and Debit Note is very difficult word in account. you are Learn Online Accounting Software with Online Accounting Course. Credit Note is one type of Sales Return Invoice. when sometime any wholesaler sale a Goods in retail Business not a Customer.Credit note is Communication with Wholesaler and Retails each other. Credit Note is one type of Sales Invoice,when Retailer return of Products in any reason for expired Goods, some Bed Goods etc...
You are Read the Credit Note about Sales Return. Wholesaler Sales a Goods in Retail Market. any Retailer Return Goods in wholesaler. when wholesaler posting a Entry of Goods Return or Purchase Return and then wholesaler send a Credit Note for Retailer. 

For Example :- Mahihomeshop14 Company Purchase of Goods Rs.50,000/- from FMCG Company in Mumbai. after Some day, Mostly Goods is expired. Mahihomeshop14 company Goods return of Rs.35,000/-. after Day FMCG Company send a Credit Note of Rs.35,000/-. Credit Note is use for Input Tax Credit in Sales Tax Return and one type of evidence for Sales Return. 

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