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You are read the information about Bank Receipt Accounting Voucher. This is very important Details about Bank Receipt Accounting Voucher. Company Received money through by Cheque and D.D. and Cash Card, ATM, Debit Card. Various way to Received Payment in Bank.  Company Received payment by Cheque and more various way. First step is Company Fill up Bank Slip and deposit Cheque in Company Bank Account. First Learn How to fill up Bank Slip for Deposit cheque in Bank Account. Basic Knowledge Provide by us to In India, Various Bank Deposit Slip is available in Various Format. Now, you are Learn State Bank of India Current Account and Savings Account Cheque Deposit Slip. This Slip is use in Deposit Cash and Bank Cheque of other party. After Deposit Cheque, Bank takes Cheque and Bank Slip to Credited Company Bank Account. This slip is evidence of Bank Receipt of Deposit Cheque. Then, Accounting Department Posted Bank Receipt Accounting Voucher of Bank Deposit Cheque Slip.  As under see the Image of Bank Slip for understand how to fill up Bank Slip for Deposit Cheque in Bank Account.
As under see the Bank Slip Image. you are seen the image and under stand which type of details required for fill up and Deposit cheque in our Bank Account.


Bank Slip Entry Post in Bank Receipt Accounting Voucher.

Cr. /To. Party Account                  Rs. 1/-
Dr. /By. Bank Account                  Rs.1/-

Online learn see them, As under Image of Bank Receipt Accounting Voucher. Voucher Type -> Tax Type -> Voucher Date -> Voucher No. -> Cheque. No. - >Cheque Date -> Select party name -> Narration-> OK. This is Completed Post Bank Receipt Accounting Voucher entry in Miracle Accounting Software.

Learn Online Illustration of Bank Receipt Accounting voucher.

The Makeji Company Paid Payment against Bill No. 1251/16-17. Makeji Company sends Cheque name of Bank State Bank of India, Cheque No. 121325, Rs. 3, 00,000/- against Goods of Purchase before in 15 Days.  Post in Miracle Accounting Software, Bank Receipt Accounting Voucher after Cheque Deposit in our Bank Account.

Cr./To Makeji Co. Account          Rs. 3,00,000/-
Dr./By Bank Account                    Rs. 3,00,000/-

Narration: - Cheque No. 121325, Bank Name State Bank of India. Payment Received by partly or Full payment against Bill No. 1251/16-17.


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