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You are Read the Information about Bank payment Voucher. This Accounting Voucher Introduce by Self name. This is Voucher Used in Accounting, when any person and company pay by payment of any goods and service. It Means, Any Company have Open Bank Account. If Proprietorship Firm, Individual Person and Company Open a Bank Account in any Reputed Bank. When Received Goods and Service in any Company or Person. After Goods and Service Pay payment by Cheque. This type of Transaction entry Passed in Bank Payment Accounting Voucher.

For example:-
Mahihomeshop14 is Partnership Firm. Company Purchase of Products in Home shop Company. Date of 28/05/2017. Order Place for Rs.2 Lakhs Clothes, 1 Lakhs Footwear. Received Goods Against Bill No. Tax Invoice – 001/16-17 Truck No. MH.12.AN.3265. Dispatched Date 29/05/17. Name of Truck Driver SartanSing Jatt. Truck Reach in Company Stores Room. Company Pay Rs.3 Lakhs Cheque Bank of Name XYZ Bank. Cheque No.000001. Date of Payment 01/06/2017.
Passed Bank Payment Accounting Entry with Narration.

XYZ Bank Account
Home Shop Co. Account
Rs. 3,00,000/-

Cheque No. 000001.
Date of Transaction 01/06/2017.
Against Bill No.

In Miracle Accounting Software Learn in Image to Passed Accounting Voucher Entry.

As above see the Image of Called Cheque. Company Pay other Company against Payment by Cheque. Cheque Clear after 3 working day to Credit other Company Bank Account. This Clearing Procedure is very slow and secure Process. Mostly Company paid Payment to other Party or any kind of Payment by Cheque.
As above see the Image of Called “D.D.” D.D. Means Demand Draft. Company Pay other Company if Other Company want to Fast Payment against Products. Demand Draft is very Fast Credited to Other Company Bank Account. This is very secure and little costly because Company Pay Demand Draft Charges in additional amount of Payment. Fill up Other Demand Draft Slip to Make a Demand Draft. Mostly Pvt. Ltd Company Received Payment by Demand Draft. Any Person or Company first time transaction or first time Buy Product in Big Company. Company Received Fast payment against Products, After Company send Sale of Products.  

 As above see the Bank Payment Voucher. First Select Voucher Type and then Transaction Type then write Voucher Date Voucher No. Cheque No. And Cheque Date. After Select Payment party Name and then last write Narration then OK Press Click to Complete Transaction of Bank Payment Voucher.
Online Learn Illustration of Bank payment Accounting Voucher.

Mr. A is paid by LIC Premium of Life Insurance Corporation Company. As under see the Bank Payment Voucher.


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