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Rate of Tax Deduction at Sources (TDS)
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This Page Introduce a Tax Deducted at Sources (TDS). TDS Means Deducted Tax on Income. This Page is very Useful and Help to Basic Guidelines about TDS. TDS Full Name of Tax Deducted at Sources. Any Taxpayer /Assesses earn income by Contract, Service, Salary, Other Income From Interest, Rent, Royalty, Commission, Brokerage, Sub-Contract, Advertisement, Yearly Repairing-Maintenance Contract, etc.. is Source of Income and liable to deducted at on Income. Income-Tax Act,1961, Tax Deducted Rules in divided to Various Section with Limit of Deducted Yearly or Monthly Income. This page Provide a Deeply Knowledge to Know your TDS amount with Section and online verify a TDS amount.  

Before learn Various Income with Section Code and Apply Date of Rules , Rate of Interest, Which status liable to Deducted a tax limit. As Under see the Section Code. As under see the All section to related a Tax deducted at Sources under e filing TDS return.This Page Introduce a taxpayer/Assesses to Know about Your Tax Deducted at Your Income. Any People start work in Govt. /Pvt. Contractual Basis on Job/Contract. Any Taxpayer/Assesses Doing a Work in Sub-Contract or Contract. Any Taxpayer /Assesses Provide a Service to Other Partnership Firm/Proprietary Firm/Individual Firm/Company / Body of Individual/Trust/Central Govt. Project. In This Way to earn  Revenue/Income (Called a Contract/Service Income) earn Taxpayer by Any Contract/Service or take a Contract With Material Contract or Without Material Contract. This is Revenue or Income is called a Sources of Income. This Sources of Income is Deducted a Tax is called a Tax Deducted at Sources.   

For Example: - Any Taxpayer Got a Contract In Govt. to Earn Contract Income. Govt. Pay a Contract Income by Cheque. But  Govt. Before pay a cheque to Deducted a Tax is 1%. This 1% is Called a TDS ( Tax deducted at Sources). Taxpayer when e filing a Income-Tax return in Income-Tax Department. Before Taxpayer Check a TDS amount is deducted same as Deposited or Credited to Online View in 26AS. This page Provide a details of Online Verification to Help a Form 26AS.
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As Under see the Various section to deducted at tax in various of Income/Expenses. Let's Start to Introduce a Every Section about Deeply Knowledge Provide by                                                           
  1.  Any Other Interest on Securities As Per Sec. 193.
  2.  Commission on Sale of Lottery Tickets.
  3.  Commission or Brokerage.
  4.   Deemed Dividend u/s 2(22)(E).
  5.   Fees for Professional of Technical Services.
  6.  Income From Foreign  Currency Bonds or Share of
  7.  Income in respect of Units of Non-Residents.
  8.  Income of Foreign Institutional Investors from.  
  9.  Insurance Commission.
  10.  Interest on Securities.
  11.   Interest on Securities (Bank F.D., Postal etc..)
  12.    Interest other than Interest Securities.
  13.    Other sums Payable to a Non-Residents.
  14.     Payment of Compensation on Acquisition.
  15.   Payment to Contractors (Advertisement Contractor).
  16.      Payment to Sub-Contractors.
  17.     Payment to Transporters.
  18.    Payment to Transporters (Sub-Contractors).  
  19.     Payment in Respect of Deposits under NSS.
  20.       Payment in Respect of Units on Offshore Fund.
  21.       Payments of Accounts of Re-Purchase Units by.
  22.       Payments to Contractors (Other than  Advertisement)
  23.    Payments to Non-Resident  Sportsman/Sports Asso.).
  24.       Rent of Land Building or Furniture.
  25.      Rent of Plant Machinery or Equipment.
  26.      Winning From Horse Race
  27.     Winning From Lotteries  and Crossword puzzles.
  As above see the all type of Income liable to deducted a Tax. but as under see
  the Limit of deducted Tax and where is applied tds act in India. Which Taxpayer
  /Assesses to liable for tds. 


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