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26as,26as form,26as statement,view 26as,
Know Your 26AS Statement- Yearly Report Generated by TRACES.
This Page is introduce a 26AS Statement as a Yearly or Monthly Provide by TRACES site. This 26AS Statement very useful and helping to efiling Income-Tax return. This 26AS Statement also know your TDS Details,Tax refund, Advance Tax,Self-Assessment Tax etc.... to Provide a Basic Guides about your Yearly Transaction. Let's see the First Basic Question is What is 26AS Statement. 26AS Statement is very useful to see the Tax credit and Details of Received Income-Tax Refund. 26AS Statement is Provide a taxpayer Last 10 Years Income-Tax related data. As Under See the 26AS Statement Provide a Details.
26as,26as form,26as statement,view 26as,As Under see the various type of annual report generated by TRACES. This Service Provide by Income-Tax Department for helping to taxpayer.This is very Useful and Practicable website. All Type of data Provide by TRACES. Also Last Ten year to up to End data provide. In future, you Forgotten details about your Tax,Income-Tax Refund, Advance Tax, etc.. Information provided by TRACES. This type services start last 5 years. now a days, very Deeply and Knowledgeable changes in this annual Report.      
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26as,26as form,26as statement,view 26as,To Open a New window. If you have registered your PAN Number to Click Login. otherwise Click Button 

To Know Guideline For Registration Your PAN Number on Income-Tax web-portal..
26as,26as form,26as statement,view 26as,If you have registered your PAN Number to Login. and See the Screen in left Side in Menu to write " View 26AS Statement ( Tax Credit)"Click to Open a new window. to open a new window. You see the Button on Green Color "Confirm". Click to Confirm a open new window. This Page is Called a TRACES. First see the new small box open. Click on small box in front side. then Click to Proceed. Then see the below write in Sky color " view 26AS Statement (Tax Credit)". To click here. Open a new window. This is Form 26AS. other Name is Annual Report.
26as,26as form,26as statement,view 26as,

you see the Various type of Report Generated by TRACES. Kindly Information Provide a All Indian Taxpayer to Know your Tax.First Know what is 26AS. 
Know what is 26AS Statement.? 26AS Statement Generated by TRACES. TRACES Full name of TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System. TRACES Generated annual Statement of Any Taxpayer.As under see the Various Report Like....
1.Details of Tax Deducted at Sources.
26as,26as form,26as statement,view 26as,2.Details of Tax Deducted at Sources for 15G/15H.
3.Details of Tax Deducted at Sources on sale of Immovable Property u/s 194IA (For Saler of Property).   
4.Details of Tax Collected at Sources.
5.Details of Tax Paid.
6.Details of Paid Refund.
7.Details of Air Transaction.
    8.Details of Tax Deducted at Sources on Sale of Immovable property u/s 194IA  ( For Buyer of Property).

    As Above see the 26AS Statement Provide a Annual Report about Taxpayers Income-Investment Re-Payment-Buy a Property-Sale of Property. Income From Other Sources Like Fixed Deposit Interest, Other Interest,Commission Income, Contract Income,etc... This 26AS Statement is also shown a 15G/15H Form to Details of Other Interest Income.

    First Introduce a Details of Tax Deducted at Sources :- 
26as,26as form,26as statement,view 26as,
This is very useful and knowledgeable column in 26AS Statement/Annual Report.This column Provide a Details of Tax Deducted. Before years ago some people without deducted at tax ( TDS) but Claim to Income-Tax office. Now a days, Indian Govt. Start a Online Verification about Deducted at Tax. Cross verification is very useful Idea to right people claim Right Amount in Income-Tax Return. More details Click As Under Button.

    Tax Deducted at Sources (TDS)-Tax Credit  
   Details of Tax Deducted at Sources for 15G/15H :- 
26as,26as form,26as statement,view 26as,
This is very useful and Helpful Column in 26AS Statement/Annual Report. This column Provide a Details of Tax Deducted at Sources of Income earn is Interest Income,Rent Income, Commission Income,etc... Income shown in a column. now a days, Indian Govt.added a New column in last 1 years to get benefit of taxpayer/Assesses. This column is very Important and Audited for Income-Tax department. More Details Click As Under Button. 

     Tax Deducted at Sources For 15G/15H 

Details of Tax Deducted at Sources on sale of Immovable Property u/s 194IA (For Saler of Property):- 
26as,26as form,26as statement,view 26as,
This is very useful and helpful column in 26AS statement/annual Report. This column shown in 26AS Statement but Last year Presented Budget-2016 to Finance Minister Arun Jetly Announced in Strictly follow Rules of Sale of Immovable Property u/s 194IA. More Details Click As under button. 

    Tax Deducted at Sale of Immovable Property U/s194IA 
Details of Tax Collected at Sources :- This is a very Imported and Helpful column in use of LLP,Pvt.Ltd,Ltd Company. Tax Collected at Sources is short name is Called TCS. Tax Collected at Source is to be collected by the Goods seller from the Goods buyer at the time of sale of specified category of Products. The TCS Rate is different for each and every Products category of goods and the TCS so collected by the Goods seller from the Goods buyer is to be required to be deposited with the govt. As under see the Latest TCS Rates on each and every products/Goods. More Details Click as under Button.
      Tax Collected at Sources 
    Details of Tax Paid :- This is very important and helpful column because this column know Details of Self-Assessment Tax. This Column shown a amount and date of payment of Self-Assessment Tax. 26as Statement shown last 10 years self-Assessment Tax with Name of Bank,Challan Number,Date of Payment. More Details Click as under Button.
     Self-Assessment Tax 

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