Know your 15G/15H credit in 26as Statement

Know your 15G/15H credit in 26as Statement 
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This Page Introduce a very important and useful Guidelines about Income-Tax form no 15g and form no 15h. Any Accountant/Tax Consultant/Legal Advisor to Prepared or calculated a annual Income in any taxpayer/Assesses. This column is new add in 26as statement. Before years ago Income-Tax Act,1961 rules is fill up form no 15g/form no 15h. If any taxpayer earn a Income source is Interest Income. But Taxpayer is not liable to e filing ITR return.Now a days, if any people have a PAN number or do not have allotted a PAN Number. all are type of people compulsory filed a form no 15g/ form no 15h.

Simple Example :- A taxpayer deposited a Fixed Deposit in SBI Rs.500000/- and earn Interest yearly is Rs. 45000/-. Rules is If people not liable to paid a tax and e filing Income-Tax Return Form to deductor  fill up 15g/15h form and submitted Income-Tax Office. Now a days, Indian Govt.changes in rules, If any people earn a Interest Income. But Assesses do not liable to Paid a Tax or e filing a Income-Tax return form. but 26as Statement is shown a Details of Tax deducted at Sources form 15G/15H. 

This is annual reported generated by TRACES. This is very useful and help to Basic Guide provide a Taxpayer to Planning of Advance Tax. This Column add a Indian Govt. to Control a Increase/Produce a Black-money in India.

Details Provide a 26AS Statement in Form no 15g/ Form no 15h.
This Form Provide a Sr.No., Name of Deductor,TAN of Deductor,Total Amount Paid/Credited,Total Tax Deducted,Total TDS Deposited. as under Deeply describe here.
Name of Deductor: - This column Provide a Full name(As Per TAN Number) of Deductor.
TAN of Deductor :- This column Provide a TAN Number of Deductor.
Total Amount Paid/Credited :- This is very Imported Column.This column shown Paid or Credited Principal Amount.
Total Tax Deducted :- This column shown a Total amount of Tax Deducted.
Total TDS Deposited :- This Column shown a Total Deposited amount of Tax.

This is column is very imported for every taxpayer. 



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