How to Filed itr 6 online :- Basic Guide to filed income tax return - itr 6 online

How to Filed ITR 6 online :- Basic Guide to filed income tax return - ITR 6 online

[For Individuals and HUFs having income from a proprietary business or profession]
(Please see Rule 12 of the Income Tax-Rules,1962)
(Also see attached Instructions)

All assesses or taxpayer want to guide about ITR online filed. Now a day, very simple and easy step with instruction to prepared ITR 6 excel utility software and generated XML file and upload ITR return in income tax webpage. All people want to know about ITR return. Here we are provide to some basic instruction to help for an assesses and taxpayer. as under guide to introduce the ITR 6 excel utility file or PDF file. First taxpayer wants to file ITR online by self. Give a some basic details. like, PAN Card, Bank Statement or Passbook, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet of Business as on Date 

Learn How to Prepare Balance Sheet and Profit & loss Account Income From house property – House rent register, Annual rent income, Income from other sources – Bank Interest, F.D. Interest, Share Dividend Income, Bank Share Dividend Income, Commission ,Brokerage, etc.. ..Plant Machinery Rent Income, Factory Shed Rent Income, Vehicle Rent Income, etc.... called a Income from other sources. ITR online e filing return process start here,  Basic Knowledge of Profit & Loss A/c .here we are try to understand all assesses to Prepared Profit & Loss A/c as under Format of  For Example any Trading Co. Carry  on Business to

Who is filed ITR 6 Return Form :- Any assesses or taxpayer earn Business Income Like Proprietorship Business or Partnership Firm Business to Earn Profit.  this type assesses or taxpayer liable to filed ITR 6 online return. Let’s start Know what is ITR 6 and how to fill up and filed ITR 6 online.

excel utility softwar,itr 6, itr 6 online,online return itr 6,income tax form 6,First Download ITR 6 Excel utility software Click Here to Download excel file. Download ITR 6 Utility Softwar the open the excel file. You need Microsoft word in 2007 for filed ITR return. Open the file you see the above in under title bar is Option, 
Click to option box and you see the two option, click on second option and Press Click on OK. Then you see the one label in excel utility file. This process Completed after active income tax software. Total 35 schedule in excel utility file.all assesses or taxpayer not compulsory fill up all schedule. But must be fill up necessary schedule. All schedule as per under with description.
 Part A General      Basic Information about Company for fill up ITR Form for e filing income Tax return preparation to as under see the General Information like 
Is there any change in the company's Name? :- If yes, Give  a Old Name.
PAN no.:- 
Date of Incorporation :-
Full address :-
City :-
District: -
State :- Here provide a all state name . choose in your State Name. if you are 
             not Indian, Choose Foreign. 
Country :-
Pin Code :-
Registered email address :-Registered Your E-mail Address.
registered mobile no. : Registered Your Mobile NO.
Status :- 1.Public Company 2.Private Company.
Income tax ward/circle/Jurisdiction :- Know what is Jurisdiction Number
Resident :- 1. Indian  2.Non-Resident.
all are fill up by assesses. if you have not  understand Please choose Option NO. Filed Return which section Always select this section- 11-Voluntarily on or before the due date under section 139(u/s 139(1)).  If you filed return revised, so Select the 17.Revised return file in respect of the return filed voluntarily before the due date under section 139 u/s 139(1)), this return is filed u/ 139(5).
whether original or revise return?- If you filed this return in this year one time so please select original. if you filed return is second time or some normal or major changes in ITR in this same year please select Revised. 
if you select revised option to give Original return Acknowledgment no. and Filed Date. 
after completed fill up this schedule to click on validate. 
whether any transaction has been made with a person located in a jurisdiction notified u/s 194A or the Act  ? Yes or No.
Whether you are on FII/FPI ? Yes or No.
If yes,Please provide SEBi Regn.No.? 
Whether this return is being filed by a representative assesses ? Yes or No.
If yes, Please furnish following information.
1.Name of the representative ? 
2.Address of the representative? 
3.PAN no. of representative? 
If your Business Liable to Audited to Compulsory Choose a Option. Yes or No.
Are you liable to for audit under section 44AB?  if not applicable to Audit. Then Select -No., 
If Choose Yes to Give a Details of Auditor. Like Date of Audit Furnishing of the Audit Report.
Name of the auditor signing the tax audit Report.
Membership no. Of the auditor
Name of the auditor Proprietorship/firm.
PAN of the Proprietorship/firm.
Date of Audit Report.

Nature of Business:-

Choose a Code of Nature of Business to treat your business in this as below format like
Code :-
Trade name of the Proprietorship, if any.
What is Code :-  Income tax Department Generated a all type of business to convert a code like as under see the all code of business. Taxpayer choose your business code.
Manufacturing Business
0101-Agro Based Industries     
0102- Automobiles and Auto Parts
0104-Diamond Cutting
0105-Drug and Pharmaceuticals
0106-Electronics including  Computer hardware
0107-Engineering Goods
0109-Flour and rice mills
0110-Food Processing Units
0111-Marble and Granite
0113-Petroleum and Petrochemicals
0114-Power and Energy
0115-Printing and Publishing
0120-Textiles,Hand loom,Power looms
0123-Vanaspati and Edible Oils
0124-Manufacturing Industries-Others
Trading Business                                  Agents Business
0201- Chain Stores                          0301-General Commission Agents
0202-Retailers                                 0401-Buiders
0203-Wholesalers                            0402-Estate Agents
0204-Trading-Others                        0403-Property Developers
                                                    0404-Builder’s –Others

Contractores Business                  Professionals Business

0501-Civil Contractors                    0601-Chartered Accountants
0502-Excise Contractors                 0602-Fashion Designers
0503-Forest Contractors                  0603-Legal Professionals
0504-Mining Contractors                 0604-Medical Professionals
0505-Contractores-Others                 0605-Nurshing Homes
                                                    0606-Speciality Hospitals
Agencies or Services Business
0701- Advertisement Agencies
0702-Beauty Parlour
0703-Consultancy Services
0704-Courier Agencies
0705-Computer training/Educational and Coaching Institutes
0706-Forex Dealers
0709-I.T.Enabled services,BPO services Providers
0710-Security Agencies
0711-Software Development Agencies
0713-Travel Agents, tour operators
0714-Service sectors-others

Financial Services Business                  Entertainment Industries
0801-Banking Companies                          0901-Cable T.V Productions
0802-Chit Funds                                      0902-Film Distribution
0803-FinancialInstitutes                            0903-Film Laboratories
0804-Financial Service Providers                        0904-Motion Pictures Products
0805-Leasing Companies                          0905-Television Channels
0806-Money Lenders                                0906-Entertainment Industries-othes
0807-Non banking Financial Company
0808-Share Brokers, Sub-Brokers etc..
0809-Financial Service Sectors-others

01001- Other Sectors

Part A-B's :-  This Schedule is very imported to all taxpayer or assesses because this schedule is know the Balance of 31st March, Closing Balance in Include In partners Capital, Loan,Liability,Unsecured Loan,Secured Loan,Sundry Creditors, Unpaid Tax,Tax liability,Provision of Tax, Provision of Expenses,Deferred tax liability, etc... shown the about company.
Fixed Assets,Investment,Movable Property, Immovable Property, Land Investment,Securities Investment,Share Investment,Fixed Deposits,Sundry Debtors,Loan & Advances, Advance Payment,Cash on hand,Bank Balance, Raw material, Fished Goods,etc.. in shown the about Company Closing Balance  as on 31st March. This Balance sheet prepared by Accountant or Owner of Partnership or Firm. As below show the Form of Balance Sheet.


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