E filing itr 4S online with basic Guide to Prepared Itr return by Excel Utility Software

How to Filed itr 4S online :- Basic Guide to filed income tax return - itr 4S online

[For individuals and HUFs having income from a proprietary business or profession]
(Please see Rule 12 of the Income Tax-Rules,1962)
(Also see attached Instructions)

itr 4S, income tax return, income tax return form,itr 4s online, e filing itr onlineYou are reading Income Tax Act,1961. You are reading Basic Knowledge of Online Prepared Income Tax Return - ITR-4S. You are reading the Simple and Short System to Prepared Income tax Return by self of taxpayer. As under reading the ITR 4S and more Income tax forms Prepared and Online upload method. You are reading the Step by Step learn Prepared Income tax Return. All assesses or taxpayer want to guide about itr form online filed. now a days, very simple and easy step with instruction to prepared itr 4S excel utility software and generated XML file and upload itr return in income tax webpage. All people want to know about itr return. here we are provide to some basic instruction to  help for an assesses and taxpayer. as under guide to introduce the itr 4S excel utility file or PDF file. First taxpayer want to filed itr online by self. give a some basic details.like, PAN Card, Bank Statement or Passbook, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet of Business as on Date  Learn How to Prepare Balance Sheet and Profit & loss Account Income From house property – House rent register, Annual rent income, Income from other sources – Bank Interest, F.D. Interest,Share Dividend Income,Bank Share Dividend Income,Commission ,Brokerage,etc.. ..Plant Machinery Rent Income,Factory Shed Rent Income, Vehicle Rent Income,etc.... called a Income from other sources. Itr online e filing return process start here.

who is filed itr 4S Return Form :- Any assesses or taxpayer earn income from business in Trading,Manufacturing,Agencies,Services but Gross Turnover is Less than 10 Lakhs per Year and not maintaining Books Of account. This type of Taxpayer to liable to e filing ITR 4S income tax return.Any taxpayer have Four Wheeler /Truck Transport Business and not maintain Books of Account to liable to filed ITR Return 4S. This Return is Specially made by Small or micro business man.who are not maintain a book of account but want to filed itr return online.

Note :- Income tax Department Revised a ITR 4S is Merged to ITR 4 only. But Some rules follow to same as ITR 4S. Income tax Department erased ITR 4S and merged to ITR 4. Income Tax return Form 4 and 4S both available in ITR-4. As under read the Step by step Prepared ITR 4S. 

First Download itr 4 Excel utility software in excel file download.Download Excel Utility Softwarethe open the excel file. You nee Microsoft word in 2007 for filed itr return. open the file you see the above in under title bar is Option, Click to option box and you see the two option, click on second option and Press Click on OK.then you see the one label in excel utility file.this process after active income tax software.Total 6 schedule in excel utility file.all assesses or taxpayer not compulsory fill up all schedule.but must be fill up necessary schedule. All schedule as per under with description.

Part A General Personal Information about assesses like 
Full name :- Jansari Ketan Girishkumar 
PAN no. :- AAAAA6306A
Date of birth :- 29/01/2001
Full address :-  At Mehsana,Gujarat.
City :- Mehsana
District :- Mehsana
State :- Gujarat
Country :- India
Sex :- Male/Female/Transgender/Other
Pin Code :- 384 441
Registered email address :- abc@gmail.com
registered mobile no.:- 99900 00999
Status :- Resident/Non-Resident
Aadhar Card No.(if you have) :-Compulsory  Link your Aadhar Card.Click 
Income tax ward/circle/ :-Income Tax Ward/Circle- Jurisdiction
Resident :-  Indian/NRI
all are fill up by assesses. if you have not  understand Please choose Option NO. Filed Return which section Always select this section- 11-on or before due date 139(1).,
whether original or revise return?- If you filed this return in this year one time so please select original, if you filed return is second time in this same year please select Revised. 
if you select revised option to give Original return Acknowledgment no. and Filed Date. after completed fill up this schedule to click on validate.

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44AE :- This schedule for those taxpayer who contain Four Wheeler Business or Transport Business , who are not maintained Books of Account. here, Income tax department provided to micro or small business start or carried to contain transport playing,leasing, or hiring business.

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NOB BP :- This Schedule is very imported to filed a e filing itr online return. Here give a details of Business and name of business. Please Describe here to Nature of business. Then details of Income From Business. Gross Turnover or Gross Receipt means Total Sales of Year.  then see the column E2 – Presumptive Income under section 44AD.

For Example :-

A company is a Partnership Firm. Company Gross Turnover is 2300000/- .
Company net Profit is 1500000/-. so, Company partner want to filed itr return.

Tax Consultant give a advice to filed itr return ITR 4s.
Calculate Income tax under section 44AD. is as under method.
Company Net profit is 2300000 x 8% = 184000/-.
Company shown profit is 150000/-  both are which is here to calculate net profit.
Income tax rules 44AD is Net profit is 184000/- taxable income .
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This is below column is not compulsory.if your salary income is higher, and overtake a income-tax limit of income. Company/employer deducted a tax in your last three months salary.then company deposited a tax in central government by bank challan. now you filed a return to get a refund claim the tax amount. 
this column fill up only salaried person.
Details of Tax Deducted at Sources from salary [ as per form 16 issued by employer]

This is below column is not compulsory.when if you have any other income source and deductor a deduction of tax in your income to claim for refund amount. here, if you have a interest income, commission income etc.. earn income in this year to deductors deducted a tax amount and send a TDS or Form no.16A certificate in your home address for claimed amount in income-tax department.when you filed a return to claim amount.

Details of tax deducted at sources of income other than salary [As per form 16A issued by deductores] As below see the image.

Details of Advance tax and self assessment tax : -As below see the image

Most of taxpayer’s are filed return is nil. in 2% taxpayer filed a return in paid a self assessment tax.  this tax paid by challan in all nationalization bank in all over India. or Use of net banking service to paid a self assessment tax. As below see the image

Advance tax :- 
All are assessee or taxpayer, if you paid a tax in big amount, when taxpayer want a save interest or late payment charges to every three month to calculate the income on liable to paid advance tax.
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Schedule AL :- any assesses or taxpayer earn yearly income above 50Lakhs or Total assets or liability above 50Lakhs to give a details immovable property like, House, land,Building, etc.. involve in definition of immovable property or movable property like jewellery,Vehicle,Boat,aircraft,Cash in hand,etc.. involve in  definition of movable property 
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Schedule 80G :- any assesses or taxpayer paid a amount in donation and get receipt of donation with PAN no. give a Compulsory to get this benefit in income tax return. If any assesses or taxpayer Paid a Donation amount above 10,000/- to Compulsory Paid a Cheque or D.D. any people donate amount in colleges, Trust, University,etc.. religions place or education donation to get PAN No. and full address with Certificate of 80-G. This donation deduction in 50% or Gross incomes 10% both are high value deduction in income tax. after completed fill up this schedule to click on validate.

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after completed fill up this schedule to click on validate

all are process completed after know how to Calculate Income tax.
How to Calculate income tax in Excel Utility Software :- All assesses or taxpayer fill up Excel utility software in all schedule then most of question how to process to Calculate the income tax and How to Generated XML File. now, we are started lean calculate income tax. first assesses come to Schedule of  PART A-General and see the right side 9 types button. See the Calculate button on click the process start to calculate income tax. 
Income tax calculate  if payable income tax to Download Income Tax Challan/280 No., if not payable to income tax to start Generated XML file Process. any assesses or taxpayer learn to how to generated XML file in excel utility software.we are started learn to Generated XML file.First Come to Schedule of  PART-A General and see the right side 9 types button. see the Generated XML button on Click the process start to Generated XML file.

where is  Generated XML file in Computer/Laptop :-  all assesses  or taxpayer create a if generated XML file so where is  XML file in computer or laptop. First you think all  assesses or taxpayer to where is download excel utility file in computer or laptop. then there is same place generated XML file in name of your PAN No. Like File name is AAAAA0987A.XML. This is your XML file.


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