How to Filed ITR 2A with E filing Process filing itr online

ITR 2A  File return Online-Learn in Step by Step 

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 You are reading the Information about Income Tax Return A.Y. 2017-18 and A.Y.2016-17. You are reading the Correct and Simple Information about Income Tax Return Form ITR-2 and ITR-2A. You are reading the Step by Step Online Prepared Fill up Income Tax return Form. You are reading the All Pages learn with every column and every pages introduce to how and where and when fill up Income tax Return Form. this Page Introduce a simple Language use in this article. This article learn for every People and taxpayer to How to fill up Income tax return (itr) in excel utility software for tax preparation. We are teaching you How to Start a e filing portal means itr website. Our team Started a itr website for Learn about all Income tax return and efiling Process on e filing portal in incometaxindiaefiling gov in itr website.
यहाँ पर हमारी टीम एक नया तरीका इस्तेमाल कर रही है| जैसे की आपने देखा होगा की Income Tax Rules और सभी प्रकार के Documents सिर्फ आपने English Language में ही देखे होंगे| हम यहाँ पर Income Tax के सभी Documents और Income Tax Related सभी Rules Hindi Language में यहाँ पर रखने जा रहे है| जिससे आप और Income Tax Return file करने वाले लोग भी जान सके की Income tax के Rules क्या है और यह Rules से effect क्या है| आज हम आपको यहाँ पर Income Tax Return ITR 2A कैसे File return online कर सकते है|हम सभी लोगो को यहाँ पर file Return online कैसे करते है| उसके बारे में जानकारी देंगे| जैसे की आप किसी भी Tax Consultant के बिना भी आप Income Tax return file return online कर सकते है|
In English ... 

Here our team is using a new method. As you may have noticed, Income Tax Rules and all types of Documents only you will have seen in English Language. We are going to put all Documents of Income Tax and Income Tax related here in all Rules Hindi Language here. From which you and the people who file Income Tax Return also know that what are the Rules of Income Tax and what is the effect from Rules. Today, we can get you Income Tax Return ITR 2A here on how to file return online. How do we file a return file to all the people here. Let us know about it. As you can without any tax consultant, you can also make an Income Tax return file return online.

सबसे पहेले आप को Income Tax Return Software Download करना पड़ेगा| Income Software Download करने में आपको सिर्फ 2 Minute लगेगी| Income Tax Software Download करना मतलब आपको ITR 2A online file return online करना है तो आप यहाँ से सबसे पहले ITR 1,ITR-2,ITR-2A जैसे सभी Excel Utility Software Download कर सकते है| यह Excel Utility Software Income Tax Department द्वारा ही सभी के लिए Provide करते है|

In English ....
You must first download the Income Tax Return Software. You will only take 2 minutes to download Income Tax Software. Downloading Income Tax Software means you have to do ITR 2A online file return online so you can download all Excel Utility Software like ITR 1,ITR-2,ITR-2A first of all. This Excel Utility Software is provided by the Income Tax Department for all.

 Download Income Tax Software

This Page Introduce a Simple Language use in Learn How to fill up ITR (Income tax Return) in Excel utility Software fro tax preparation.
All taxpayer want to learn how to e-filling process of ITR return. here, we are try to deeply describe the process of a to z or up to end process learn.Income-tax department provided to ITR 2 form in every year with minor changes. Now we are Learn to How to fill up and ITR 2 ,Calculated TAX,Generated XML File, and How to Upload XML fine in income tax department official website. How to get acknowledgment receipt.

This form provided income-Tax department.This form is one type of Utility software to taxpayer filled self service to e-filling ITR return.This form is ITR 2 Excel Utility File. Total  7 pages. we are learn various pages in Called PART.

This form valid only for Main income is Salary,Person Pension Income, One House rent income or Other Sources income. If taxpayers main income is Capital Gains,Business Income, More houses rent income  not to valid fill up  this form. 

ITR 2A online Form, Excel Utility Software, Income tax form 2A
First Update Your Mobile Number and Bank Account in Online Income Tax website. 

Required Documents for filled ITR 2.
1.PAN Card
2.Bank Statement or Passbook
3.Income From Salary [ Form no.16]
4.Income From House Property ( List of Rent Register if maintained)
5.Other income ( if you earn more income )
6.Details of other Business or Part time Business or Set of Loss to carried forward to next year
7.Form 16A ( if you have deducted Tax (TDS))

Before E filed itr online learn Basic Guides of ITR 2 in 14 Parts to fill up As under :-

Parts of Return
Part-A General
Personal Information filing Status
Details of Personal Information and filing Status.
Part-B Ti-Ti
Part-B TI,Part-B TTI V verification
Computation of Total Income and tax liability on total income
Tax Payments
Details of Advance Tax and Self Assessment Tax Payments of Income tax
Tax Payments (TDS1 or TDS2)
Details of Tax Deducted at Sources of Income[ As per form no. 16A issued by Deductores
Schedule S
Details of Income From salary
House Property
Schedule HP
Details of Income From House Property
Schedule OS
Income From other sources
Schedule CYLA,Schedule BFLA
Details of Income after sett of of current years losses and brought forward losses of earlier years.
Schedule CFL
Details of Losses to be Carried Forward to future years
Schedule 80G
Details of Donation entitled for deduction under section 80G
Schedule VIA
Deduction Under Chapter VI-A
Schedule- SPI,Schedule-SI
Income Chargeable to income tax at special rates IB [
Schedule EI
Details of Exempt Income
Schedule 5A
Information Regarding  apportionment of income between Spouses Governed by Portuguese Civil Code.

Taxpayer’s start a fill up form, first open the excel utility file.
fill up the Taxpayers Personal Information like,
Personal Information :-
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Name of Premises/Building/Village
Status – 1.individual
Date of Birth
Sex- Male/Female
Pin code
E-mail Address
Mobile no.
Employ category –Gov/PSU/Other/NA
Income-Tax ward/circle
Return File under section- (always use this option-11.on or before Due date 139(1))

Filling status :-
Whether Person Governed by Portuguese civil code under section 5A ?
Enter PAN of Spouse (wife) if Applicable
if taxpayer’s wife allotted PAN no. to give a PAN NO. otherwise choose option – No
Whether original or revised return
taxpayer file this year first return to choose original
if second time file this year return to choose option –revised
If revised /Defective than enter receipt/acknowledgment No.
IF taxpayer choose option revised, provide acknowledgment no. (15 character in numerical in original receipt.)
Date of filling original return
if you choose option revised to provide a Date of original return file .
Tax Status
Payable taxable income
Refund tax
Nil – not liable to pay or refund tax.
Note no. (whether the original return filed was defective and a notice is issued to the assessee to file a fresh return sec.139(9)
if you file before year ITR return and income-Tax department send a notice by email/Post. write here notice details like sec. which type notice received assessee or taxpayer
If filed in response to a notice u/s 139(9) 142(1)/148/153A/153C renter date of such notice.
if you received a notice so provided to date of received notice to assessee or taxpayer
Resident status
if taxpayer is resident in India to choose option is –resident.
if taxpayer is NRI to choose option is –NRI
if taxpayer is resident in India but most of day stay out of India to choose option-NOR –resident.
whether you have Aadhar Card
if you have aadhar card to choose option Yes/ otherwise No.
If yes, Please provide Aadhar Card Number
If you have Aadhar card to provide Aadhar card
Passport No. if Available
Give Details of Passport if you have a 
Whether this return is being filed by a representative assessee ? if yes Please furnish following details.
If you are representative give a detail as under
Name of Representative
Name of Representative
Address of representative
Address of representative
PAN No. of representative

What is representative
if any taxpayer or graduate person attended a three cases of scrutiny in income tax department .
Income tax department give a certificate of people or tax consultant or graduate person to this is representative.

PART B –Ti – Ti

This schedule is fill up the details of assessee or taxpayer like name , father’s name, All Bank account, IFSC Code, All Savings /Current Accounts No. No. of Bank Accounts.
Not necessary to  fill up the white color raw and column.only fill up Green raw and coloum.  if you have any query please send me mail ya call me +91 8490065195.

Part – TI

TI means Tax information. Taxpayer or assessee paid a advance tax or self assessment tax please furnishing the details of BSR Code , Date of Deposited,Serial Number of challan,Amount.
If any taxpayer and assessee to want to paid or payable a income tax so as under give a Challan of Income tax. Fill up details and go to bank, Paid tax in cash or cheque. if taxable amount in more than 20,000/- Please must be try to paid a check.

All taxpayer or assessee know the what is this TDS ? TDS means tax deducted at sources. if you have a deducted tax in Employer or Other sources of income Please See the 26As Credit or Login the Visit this Site and see the TRACES Login to know your TDS details. after fill up here TDS details.

Form No.16A :-
Any salaried person deducted a tax by employer to fill up the
Details of Tax deducted at Sources of Salary. As under see the Image :-

Form No.16A :-
Other sources of deducted at tax by deducted to fill up the Details of Tax Deducted at Sources of Other than salary income.  As Under see the Image.

Income From Salary :-

All taxpayer or assessee main income to earn in salary to provided  Details As under :-
Name of Employer           -XYZ & Co
Address of Employer        - Full address
State :                           -State in which Head Office [As per form No.16]
PAN No. of Employer       -As Per Form No.16
Pin Code :                      -
Gross Salary :-
Allowance to Exempt under section 10
  1. Travel Allowance         - As Per Form No. 16 or If you received
  2. Tax paid by employer  - As Per Form No.16 or As Per Challan
  3. House rent allowance   -As Per Form No.16 or If you Received
  4. other allowance           - As Per Form No.16
  5. Allowance not exempt  -[As per Salary form no.16]
  6. Deduction u/s 16                 -[ Entertainment allowance, Professional Tax etc..
                                      [As Per Form No.16]

Note :- if any assessee or taxpayer earn salary in more employers to add rows button to add more salary income.

Income From House Property :-

If assessee or taxpayer owned house and earn income from rent so give a Details of House like House no. Full address, State,Pin Code,

Details of Tenant ( who is stay in home and pay Rent)

Name of Tenant
PAN No. of Tenant ( If have)
Total Amount Receivable in Current Year
Tax paid -                            ( Municipality Tax Paid Amount)
Borrowing Loan Interest – if you take a loan against this property or home  
                                    to give a certificate of loan interest – ( Maximum
                                     Limit of interest paid amount Rs.2Lakhs get
                                     benefit in income tax)

OS :- Income From Other Sources :-
All assessee or taxpayer earn other sources per year like Dividend Income,Share Dividend,Bank Interest,Fixed Deposit Interest,Rent Income like Machinery,Plant etc.... to assessee or taxpayer earn other income seen this column.

Any assessee or taxpayer earn income from Winning from lotteries, crossed puzzles games,race,games,gambling batting u/s 115BB liable to give a details to

CYLA-BFLA :- This schedule is containing to Current Year loss Brought Forward to Next year. no editing or adding any amount in this schedule .only see the, if you have any loss in business to see the loss amount brought forward.

CFL :- This schedule is containing to Current year or previous year brought forward to next year. any people or assessee or taxpayer take a loss in house property or land or any other fixed assets sale and received a loss to adjust in future

BFLA :- This schedule is containing details of Brought forward loss in like which year.How many loss  As per under image to seen the how to provide a details in carried forward to loss.

80G :- Deduction under Chapter VIA Section
This schedule is containing a deduction in Paid Donation to Donne.Indian people mostly 85% paid a donation in various type in temple, education,colleges, Marriage hall etc... Income tax department want to details of Donne name, PAN No. of Donne, Full address of Donne, 80G certificate xerox is this documents to type as under details.

Two Type Donation Exempt in income tax.
  1. 50% Donation Exempt :-
All taxpayer or assessee donate a donation to temple, colleges, university,etc.. to this type donation 50% exempt in income tax.

For example :-

Mr. x Paid a donation in temple for construction. Rs.50000/- paid by cheque or cash donation.
Income tax deduction u/s 80G for 50000 x 50% = 25000/- exempt in income tax.
but , if assessee to earn annual income is Rs.300000/-. he is paid a donation Rs.50000/-
Calculation to donation exempt in income tax
Total assessee earn income 300000 x 10% = 30000/-
Total donation Rs.50000 x 50% = 25000/-
what is less than two figure is calculated to exempt in income income. Mr.x liable to get benefit of Rs.25000/- deduction in income tax u/s 80G.
  1. 100% Donation Exempt :-

All taxpayer or assessee donate a government Project,or registered Central Government and take a certificate by Govt. to Project. Is this type Project running  and any assessee or taxpayer Paid a Donation  to Received 35A certificate for 100% exempt amount in income tax u/s 80G.

As under see the image to provide a details of donee.  As Per income tax rules Table is under.

Deduction under Chapter VIA Section :-

        All assessee or taxpayer Paid or invest in one year in LIC,any insurance company, Mediclaim, Major Hospitalized Expenses, Tuition Fees, Donation,etc... to get benefit in income tax return. All deduction limit in 150000/- this year.

As under see the all section to exempt in income tax return earn income .

Deduction Under chapter VI A (Section) :-

if you have a children, if you paid a children's tuition fee,to get exempt  of tuition fees in your Income-Tax return to deduction in your early income.
( Only two children tuition fee deduction to this sec.)
( definition of tuition fee is only tuition fees allowed to deduction here, Hostel fee,library fee,etc.. other fees not allowed to deduction to this sec.) more deeply clarification to this sec. 80-C to read deduction page in all are section describe deeply.



if you paid a mediclaim premium single or family to exempt here.
Note : Only Rs.15,000/- limit of exempt to deduction.




if you donate a donation to temple, colleges, etc..  exempt here.
required document of PAN No. (Trust,Colleges,), Name of Trust, College., Full address of Receiver of Donation.







SPI- SI :-
All taxpayer or assessee to give details of Spouse income ,Minor children income. If spouse have not PAN Card but spouse earn money to give a details of income. then If any children is minor but he is earn income from bank interest, f.d.interest, share dividend,etc.. to give a details of income. to calculated a income in assessee or taxpayer to chargeable paid tax. As Per Image seen the how give a details of Spouse or Minor Children's Income.

SI – Special Rates .

All taxpayer or assessee earn income in cash or hidden income to saw the this column to calculated a income to paid a special rates on calculated income tax as under see the image to which income to liable to payment of tax.

code (Serial nos other than Sl no 1,2 are autofilled)
Chargeable under DTAA Rate
115BB (Winnings from lotteries, puzzles, races, games etc.)
115A(1)(a)(i)- Dividends interest and income from units purchase in foreign currency
115A(1)(a)(ii)- Interest received from govt/Indian Concerns received in Foreign Currency
115A(1) (a)(iia) -Interest from Infrastructure Debt Fund
115A(1) (a)(iiaa) -Interest as per Sec. 194LC
115A(1) (a)(iiab) -Interest as per Sec. 194LD
115A(1) (a)(iiac) -Interest as per Sec. 194LBA
115A(1) (a)(iii) - Income received in respect of units of UTI purchased in Foreign Currency
115A(1)(b)(A)- Income from royalty & technical services
115A(1)(b)(B) Income from royalty & technical services
115AC(1)(a & b) - Income from bonds or GDR purchased in foreign currency - non-resident
115ACA(1)(a) - Income from GDR purchased in foreign currency -resident
115AD(1)(i) -Income received by an FII in respect of securities (other than units as per Sec 115AB)
115AD(1)(i) -Income received by an FII in respect of bonds or government securities as per Sec 194LD
115BBA - Tax on non-residents sportsmen or sports associations
115BBC - Anonymous donations
115BBE - Tax on income referred to in sections 68 or 69 or 69A or 69B or 69C or 69D
115E(a) - Investment income

EI- Exempt Income :-

All assessee or taxpayer earn income like share dividend, Bank Interest,Agriculture income, Paid Security Transaction tax on Long term share profit or loss etc... this type of income exempt in this schedule. give a details to benefit in save tax in calculation of tax.As under see the image.

SCH5A :– Schedule from governed by earn money to Portuguese civil code to this schedule not necessary to Common man or Indian taxpayer or assessee.

     Now we are learn to how fill up ITR online 2A or ITR 2. Simple,Easy,follow to step by step and fill up itr online form after see the How to generated XML file and how to upload itr online upload in income tax department. below see the two page available to visit after fill up ITR Form in excel utility software.

Download ITR 2A Click Here :

TR 2A Form

Download ITR 2A Excel Utility Software :-

ITR 2A Excel Utility Software

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