How to Re-Apply for Correction or Mismatch/Update Personal Information in PAN Card .?

How to Re-Apply for Correction or Mismatch/Update Personal Information in PAN Card .?

All are Assesses or Taxpayer, when apply for PAN application to Allotted PAN card. but Now, Assesses or taxpayer want to update your personal information like , Communication Address, Signature,Photo,Email-ID,Duplicate PAN Card, changes PAN card old to New Smart Card. etc.. any problem to change a PAN Card. if , Pan applicant apply for PAN card but data entry mistake in Name,Surname, Date of birth,Photo,etc... so Assesses want to change a PAN card.Because , mistakable PAN card not valid for Open Bank Account, Open Demate Account,etc.. Problem created. 

Now, All people or PAN card holder want to Re-apply for PAN Card to Correction / Changes in PAN Card/ Update Personal Information, let’s learn to how to re-apply for PAN card application. First we are learn to Required Document before Re-apply for PAN Card Application.

Required Document :-
1.Copy of Identity Proof :- if you have any choose to one Identity Card for attached a PAN Card Application like Election Card, Passport, Aadhar Card,Govt.of India Provide Identity Card,etc.. Valid Identity Card.

Copy of Address Proof :-  If you have any choose to one Address Proof for Attached a PAN Card Application like Passport, Aadhar Card,Bank Passbook with seal on Account Holder’s Photo,Ration Card, Letest Paid LIC Premium Copy,Light Bill, Municipality Tax Copy,

2 Passport Size Photograph in Color Copy

Copy of PAN Card .
 As under see the Form of Re-apply or Correction or changes in PAN Card form.

Pan Card, Pan Card Correction,Pan Card details Changes Form,PAN Card Personal Information Upadation Form,

Fill up details in PAN Card re-apply Form
use only Black Ball pen.

left side see the box affixe a letest photograph and cross sign on photo.
note : if applicant is not educated to Left thumb in accross to photo.

always signature use same is signature of bank.

right side see the box affix a latest and same photo copy used in left side in box. below box in signature.
note: if applicant is not educated to left thumb in below the box in affix to Photo.
Full Name
As Per Documents, Same Character or word use in this form.
Name you would like it printed PAN Card
Applicant want to any special name or short name print in your PAN Card so Write here.

Like :- Mishra Dipakkumar Ramanlal is this Applicant name but applicant want to printed PAN Card in short name :- Mishra Dipakkumar R.
Father’s Name
Applicant father’s Full name write here As per Documents use same word and character.

but Applicant is Female so Write here His Father’s Name .
Date of Birth
As per Your Leaving Certificate or Birth Certificate
Photo Mismatch
as per your Question if applicant photo mismatch so Tick here
Gender Means Sex, Who is Applicant  Male,Female or Transgender
Signature Mismatch
as per your Question if your PAN Card Printed a Signature Mismatch or Change so Tick here.
Address for Communication
As per Your Documents write here applicants Full address with pin code,state, country.
Telephone No./Mobile No.
Must be type a mobile no. for up dation or track your PAN Card.or Communication for Applicant.
Email ID
Must be type a Email ID because when your Application reach a department of NSDL, so send a email to full form in Correction.
If you desire to update your other Address also, give required details in addition sheet.
if you want to other Address for communication, to take a one blank page and write here Other Communication address in Capital words. PIN code,State,Country,
Aadhar Number
if you have Aadhar Number please write here.
Other PAN No
if you have More PAN no. so please write here.

Advise :- Not write here your PAN No. if you have One to more PAN in your Name so write here.
here write your name , Father’s name



Right side see the box, sign here .

if you  have any question about Re-apply for Correction or changes in your PAN Card application to Connect or send a Question here. we are try to send a reply in 24 hrs before.

How to Re-Apply for Correction or Changes in PAN Card Data in Online Application .

As Under See the Video to Guide a Online Fill Up Correction PAN Card Form but First Learn Offline to How to Fill up Form. as Above . 

Let's See the Video of How to Online Re-Apply to Correction or Minor Changes in PAN Card.





  1. hi , you know people easy get into a trouble and go in the wrong way for pan card word , its so easy When you entering Pan name, you enter your name and middle name without any spaces.And also you check your pan card status by entering PAN card number from how to apply duplicate pan card .... hope so you will get what you you need.

    1. Yes Mam Give me Real Problem share with us.

      we are try to solve your Problem.

      Thanks for Reply me

  2. Yes Mam Give me Real Problem share with us.

    we are try to solve your Problem.

    Thanks for Reply me

  3. To download the PAN change request form, go to the official website of the IT department and click on “Online Application for Changes or Correction in PAN Data”. If anyone want how to correct pan card mistake he can go to the official website of IT Department of PAN Card and get the information and procedure.

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  4. Hey, it is very easy to re-apply for PAN card. For detailed information just click How to Download PAN Card Correction Form

    1. hey Thanks for read my article .....

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