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Online PAN Card Application 

यहाँ पर हम आपको Online PAN Card Application कैसे कर सकते है| यहाँ पर हम आपको pan card income tax के बारे में बताने  वाले है| Income tax return को efiling करने के लिए भी PAN Card होना बहोत जरुरी है| आप को यहाँ पर Online PAN Card Application steps यहाँ पर आपको बताया गया है| सबसे पहले आपको PAN card के बारे में जानना बहोत जरुरी है| आपको यहाँ पर online pan card application करने के लिए pan card application step by step के बारे में आपको यहाँ पर बताया गया है| आपको instant pan card number चाहिए तो आप यहाँ पर भी आपको इसके बारे में बताया गया है| आपको यहाँ पर pan card application कैसे करते है उसके  बारे में आपको यहाँ पर बताया गया है| 

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PAN Card Application
Now, I am Introduce a New Process of PAN Application On-line in NSDL. All Indian People want to Apply for by self for PAN Application. we are started a PAN Application Basic Guide to learn How to Apply On-line for PAN Application. before PAN Apply, I am introduce to where is uses of PAN No. in our routine life or Business related work. First Bank Account Open in use of KYC. Fixed deposit or Investment in Insurance, Real assets or other Investment. Share trading Business to must be compulsory PAN No. Required.PAN No. tells other name of Income-Tax Number. This is very useful in our Life and Business hours. Two type methods use in Apply PAN No. 
1.On-line Method. On-Line PAN application.
2.Off-line Method.

First Introduce a  On-line Method :-  step by step Introduce a On-line Application for PAN under. 1. STEPS FOR ON LINE APPLICATION FOR PAN (FORM 49A) 
a.Only Indian citizens should use this form for submitting application for allotment of PAN. Indian citizens located outside India should also use this form. 
b.Applicant will initially select Form 49A along with category and title of the applicant and enter the required details and submit the form. A token number will be generated and displayed to the applicant before filling the form. This token number would also be sent on email Id (provided in the application) for reference purpose. There is a facility to save the details entered in the application form such that this data can be viewed by the applicant prior to its final submission by using this temporary token number. 
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Token Number
c.Applicant can select any one of the following three options while filling on line PAN application - Physical acknowledgement, Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) or Aadhaar based e-Sign. In DSC option and Aadhaar based e-Sign option, an applicant needs to upload scanned images (as per defined parameters) of photo, signature and supporting documents while making application. In Aadhaar based e-Sign option, Aadhaar would be considered as supporting document. 
d.If the data submitted fails in any format level validation, a response indicating the error(s) will be displayed on the screen. The applicant shall rectify the error(s) and re-submit the form. 
e.If there are no format level error(s), a confirmation screen with data filled by the applicant will be displayed. The applicant may either edit or confirm the same.
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Second Step :- Personal Details. As Under give a Personal Details to fill up on-line. Like Aadhar Card Number (if you apply for Individuals). Title - Last Name/Surname-First Name-Middle Name
Choose Name that you want to Print in PAN Card. - Date of Birth/Incorporation Date/Formation.-Gender.
Registration Number ( if you apply for Partnership Firm/Company/LLP to give a registration Number). ROF Registration Number
Have you know by another name  - Yes or No.
if you choose a Yes give a Another Name.
Give a Father Name - Last name-First Name- Middle Name
Give a Mother Name - Last Name- First Name-Middle Name

Third Step :- Contact and Other Details. 
Income Source :- Give a why are liable to apply for PAN No.  give me a just answer to my question? 
1. have you salaried person yes or no. if  yes to your source income from salary.
2.have you earn main sources income from house property yes or no if yes to Income From house Property income.
3.have you carried own business or start new business yes or no. if yes to choose Income From Business or Profession.
4. have you earn other sources income yes or no. if yes to choose income from other sources.
5. if you have no income  but you want to PAN card to choose a NO Income option.
6. have you sale or buy capital gain property or share trading to choose Capital gain business income.
Address  for Communication. choose Resident or Office. if you want to reach your PAN in you which place. resident address or Office address. choose any one to give a proof of address.
Telephone Number/ Mobile number - Email Id.

1.Xerox copy -Proof of  Date of Birth. Copy of the as under Documents if they shown Date - Month-Year of birth with applicant name.
  1. Aadhaar Card .
  1. Election Card 
  1. Driving license
  1. Passport
  1. Mark-sheet of Matriculation in Recognized University or Board.
  1. Birth Certificate - Issued by Hospital or Municipal Corporation.
  1. Photo Identity card issued by Central Government or State Government.
  1. Domicile Certificate issued by Government.
  1. Central Govt.Provide a Identity card in Running Job.
  1. Pension Payment Order.
  1. Marriage Certificate issued by Registrar of Marriages.
  1. Affidavit copy about Date of Birth.  

2.Xerox copy- Proof of Identity. Copy of the as under Documents if they Shown latest Photo  or shown clear identification.
  1. Aadhaar Card
  1. Election Card
  1. Driving License
  1. Passport
  1. Ration Card having the Photograph in applicant.
  1. Photo Identity Card issued by Central Government or State Government.
  1. Bank Certificate on original Letter head from the Branch
3.Xerox Copy -Proof of Resident. Copy of the as under Documents if they shown Current Resident full address to reach a PAN Card in Applicant resident.
  1. Aadhaar Card.
  1. Election Card
  1. Driving License
  1. Passport
  1. Passport of the wife
  1. Nationalize Bank's/Post office Passbook having address of applicant.
  1. Latest Municipal Tax Receipt 
  1. Domicile Certificate issued by Government.
  1. Allotment Letter issued by Central Government or State Government.
  1. Latest Water Bill
  1. Latest Electricity Bill
  1. Latest Telephone Bill
  1. Consumer Gas Connection Book/Card or Gas Pipeline Bill.
  1. Bans Account Statement.
  1. Employer Certificate in original Latter pad with stamp in sign
Income-Tax Provide a Two system available for Apply for PAN Card.PAN Card,pan application,income tax application,49A form, incometax card,card,pancard 1. Full Name  :-  Mr. YADAV PRAVINKUMAR CHUNILAL
2. Name you would like printed on the card 
4. Gender :-
5.Date of Birth/ Date of Incorporation/Date of Partnership firm/Trust Deed/Formation of Body of Individuals/Association of Persons
6. Details of Parents.

Here Details About your Parents Fathers Full Name, Mothers Full Name As per Your School Leaving Certificate or As Per Education Certificate.

7. Father's Name :-

Answer :-   This Field to Required a Pan Applicant's Fathers Full name Like, Yadav Mithabhai Ramabhai ( Yadav is Surname, Mithabhai is Applicant's Father's Name, Ramabhai is Applicant's Father's Father name) If Applicant is Female so Provide a Female's Father name.

(Representative Assessee details to be filled only in special cases like minor, lunatic, idiot, etc., as provided u/s 160 of Income-tax Act, 1961)

What is PAN Application Form? 
Income tax department allotted to PAN Application form for assesses or new people. PAN No. must be required to our routine life for useful. PAN no. must be want to when we are open a bank account,Demate trading account, investment, Purchase of Home,Land,etc... we are here describe the all details about required to fill up PAN Application Form. Income tax department provided to Form No. 49A is for apply to PAN Application Form. Partnership Firm,Individual, HUF, Pvt.Ltd.Company all are must be imported to apply for before start a business. 

Requirement PAN No. in Our Routine Life :- 
This Web page introduce a Common man and India People to where is compulsory use of our PAN No.  Mostly PAN No. is a ID Proof of Our Income. As under see the uses of PAN NO.  

1.Open Bank Account,                                  2.Share Demate Account,
3.Investment in Life insurance,                     4.Purchase of House, 
5.Purchase of Land,                                      6.Fixed Deposits,
7.Investment in Mutual Fund,                8.Registration of House Stamp if above                                                               5lakhs to must be required PAN No.
9.Tour in India or Foreign to must      10.Open Recurring Account, 
be required PAN No.                         11.Home Loan,Vehicle Loan, any type give                                                            a Loan must be required  PAN No.                                                                     and Income-tax return Copy
12.Cash Deposits above 49,000/- in Bank to must be required PAN No.

India Govt.must be required to PAN No. of every transaction related to Income. Now a days, India Govt. find the Black Money in our Country. India is a very huge market of Black Money. Indian Govt. started a Fight with Black Money to restriction of Increase Black money. now a days, all are govt. or Pvt. workers must be required a PAN No. for every transaction or Buy or Sell of Products, Services etc...... 75% Business uses a PAN No. for every transaction. As Under see the Required Documents for Apply a PAN No.  

Required Documents to Apply for PAN No.

PAN applicant collect the above any one Proof of Date of Birth,Identity,Address to start a Tour a Introduce a PAN application form.Pan Application form is called 49A in Income tax language.

1. Online System.
2. Offline System.
As Under First Introduce a Online System.

First open a Browser in your Computer or Laptop or Android/Microsoft Mobile.
Open website :-
See the under image. 

How to Online Apply : 
see the right side image in above link available to open webpage and applicant choose a category like a Individual,
Partnership Firm,
Body of Individuals,
Hindu Undivided Family (HUF),
Association of Persons,Local Authority,Company,Trust,Artificial Judicial Persons,Government Agency,Limited Liability of Partners - Choose any one. Applicant decide to what is your category. who is liable to Apply for PAN No. and click on select. to see the open a new window name is Application for New Allotment Permanent Account Number. Income tax act,1961 is under section 139A to all taxpayer liable to allotment or apply for new PAN No. PAN Application Form here. Applicant give a details as under deeply know the how to fill up PAN No. Form Online. First see the under Click here   Online PAN Card Application Form

Applicant give a as under details here 

Answer:- First Title Choose Mr.Mrs.M/s.,Smt. Kumari. then fill up First Last Name- application Surname, Second fill up Applicant Name ( As per Your Birth Certificate,Passport,Driving License,Election Card,etc. Provide a Identity Proof) Third fill up Father Name ( As Per your Birth Certificate, Passport, Driving License, Election Card. etc.. Provide a Identity Proof)  or See the School Leaving Certificate Fill up same as Full name. 

Answer : This Column is not Compulsory but PAN Card Department Provide a Option for Applicant to Choose a Printed a Name. Some Applicant Printed A Short Name Like- Yadav P.C. Like- Yadav Pravinkumar C., Like- Pravinkumar C. Yadav. Like- Pravinkumar Yadav. As your wise to Applicant which type printed name in Physical PAN Card. 

3. Have you ever been known by any other name? 
Answer :- This Column is not fill up compulsory but Income-tax Department ask a Question to Applicant- Applicant know by any other name or Special name in India. if yes, Trustfully give a Name

Answer :- This Column is see the more option - Male- Female-Transgender 
yes, Indian Government Started a Identify to Special know Transgender. But this Column fill up by applicant. Choose a Gender by self.

Answer :- This Column is fill up by applicant. Applicant choose a which category to apply. if Individual apply for PAN No. to fill up Date of Birth as per Birth Certificate or School Leaving Certificate.
If Partnership Firm or Trust apply for PAN No. to fill up Date of Birth As Per Partnership Deed or Trust Deed Made of Date.

8. Mother's Name :-
Answer:-   this field to required
Answer :- This Field to Required but Optional Provide a Mother's name, If Pan Applicant's Father is dead or Applicant's want to Print Mother name in Physical Pan Card to Give a details of Mother name. Provide a Mother name with mother's Father name Like Yadav Lilaben Kilachand ( Yadav is Surname, Lilaben is Mother name, Kilachand is Father name of Mother) 
7. Address:-
Answer :- This Column is very Important for PAN Card. Give a Full address as per Your Residential/ Business Address proof Passport,Electricity Bill,Bank Passbook with Photograph,Municipality Tax Receipt, Rent Agreement,Shop Electricity Bill, etc.. to give a right and full address because after some days department send a PAN Card in your address.

* 8. Address for communication:-
Answer :- if Permanent Address and communication address same to only Copy and paste here. if both are address are not same to provide a proof for fill up communication address.

* 9. Telephone No.
Answer :- This Column is not compulsory, because this is 21st Century all are people use Mobile so Tax Consultant or Chartered Accountant fill up your office Telephone number but do not required a fill up Telephone no. 
PAN Applicant must be fill up Mobile No. instead of Telephone No. because Mobile No. is Track your PAN Card detail up to end data send in your Mobile No. First message received about your application send to NSDL Office. Second Message received about Generated your PAN No. Third Message received about Send a PAN Card in with Courier Name, Tracking ID, Acknowledgement No.. Fourth Message received about Courier reach your City. after Courier Company call a PAN Applicant. This above processed all are update received a your mobile. so Compulsory fill up Mobile Number.
If PAN Applicant is Non  Resident of India, So Please give a Country code. 

* 10. Status of the Applicant
Answer: Here fill up a Details about PAN Applicant Status Means Who is Apply for PAN NO. Like Status Means, Individual, Partnership Firm,Hindu Undivided Family(HUF),Body of Individuals,Association of Persons,Artificial Body STATUS MEANS WHO IS APPLY FOR PAN LIKE INDIVIDUAL, PARTNERSHIP FIRM COMPANY BECAUSE CHOOSE THE STATUS MUST BE REQUIRED TO NSDL WANT TO DOCUMENTS. 

12. In case of a citizen of India, then

* 13. Source of Income

14. Full name, address of the Representative Assessee, who is assessable under the Income Tax Act in respect of the person, whose particulars have been given in column 1 to 13

* 15. Documents enclosed

Other Details

1. Depository Account Details      

2. Payment Details (select appropriate mode of payment and fill relevant details) 


NSDL-e-Governance Infrastructure Limited
Head Office 
Times Tower, 
1st Floor,
Kamala Mills Compound,
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel,
Maharashtra- 400013.

Note : send Copy of  application Form , and attached xerox copy of all documents if you uploaded with send a cheque, Demand Draft if you select a payment mode. 

after 15 days generated your pan card no. if you want to see the pan card no. so Click her :-  Know status of your PAN APPLICATION

open the window : 

Choose new pan application 
 Here two option : Know your pan status by acknowledment number. 
know your pan status by your name 
As you choose and know your pan card No. and track you pan card.

offline method : 
here we are introduce the offline method . as per any people or assessee want to apply for pan to go to near NSDL branch office otherwise visit the Tax Consultant. if you want  to your self want to apply for pan. furnish the as per below image for help the fill up the form no. 49A.

PAN Card Form, 49A Form, Pan card application form

Here now introduce the offline PAN No application form open the link and download the form and print the copy and fill up the form of black pan point use. 

First two passport size photograph cheap or affixed the right or left box in use of gum. then left box below in photo sign here ( sign sample is same when you use the withdraw the money in your bank account) and right side box the passport size photograph cross sign on photo.
1. all form fill up in use letter of capitalized word.
2. fill up form before see your name in school leaving certificate , same word fill up in pan application form.
3. if you know other name or nick name please select and fill up details. 
4. source of income ? why are you apply for pan no. furnish the details of source of income.
5. fill up address same as your documents. other wise fill up communication address and attached evidence of communication address. 
6. must fill up your mobile no. for updation or track your pan application. like generated pan no., send by courier or post to know sender name ,receipt no. acknowledgement no. etc.. 
7. fill up email ID for send a copy of application form. if any mistake in print to pan card so authorized persona not liable to this mistake.
if you know about your area code, ward circle please click here 

Useful Links :-


Income Tax Related Links :- 


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