Know your Jurisdiction Code In Simple Step to Useful For e-filling ITR return - Income-tax E-filling

Know Your Jurisdiction/Ward/Circle/A.O. Code

Juridisction, AO Code, Income tax ward, Circle, Juridisction AO Code
Know Your Jurisdiction Code
 This website Introduce a Indian People to Basic Guide about Jurisdiction. This Code is very useful know before Apply for PAN Application or e filling Income-Tax return. This code is generated by NSDL under Income-Tax Department. This code is very useful in Income-Tax website. Just Some step follow to know what is your Jurisdiction/Circle/Ward/A.O.Code. let's start a Tour to know Jurisdiction. For, any assesses want to e filling Income-Tax Return to most Important role in Jurisdiction Code in ITR Return. If any people want to Journey in Train to reservation in Train. so, most important is reservation no. to know where is place to seat in Train. which Train. etc... then Jurisdiction is follow to taxpayers Return filed at right code and right range filled. 

Thus,  We are Introduce the Main part of our ITR form filling before know what is our Jurisdiction/Ward/Circle/A.O.Code. For Example, One child study in 4th standard, he is going to every day in school. School decided to 4th standard child seat in this room. Now, when assesses apply  for allotted to PAN No. in Income tax department.So,Income tax department decided to various Jurisdiction in Various City, State. Now,  How can assesses Know your Jurisdiction. Income tax department  provided to information about Jurisdiction in assesses for example Mr. Ketan Patel filling ITR Return in Gujarat. So He is Resident in Ahmadabad. he is jurisdiction is Ward-3/Ahmadabad.
You know, when any person apply for PAN No .Application in TIN-NSDL. Income tax department provided to Column is What is your Jurisdiction. without know jurisdiction/Ward/Circle, An Assesses not on-line filed your ITR return. we are introduce a how to assesses your jurisdiction Let's Follow some step ..
Click her  : Know Your Jurisdiction
Open this link and give a PAN No. and write See the Image Numerical Words  For Example See the below image : 
Juridisction, AO Code, Income tax ward, Circle, Juridisction AO Code
Know your Jurisdiction code to note down in your personal/Pocket Dairy Because, when you are filling your Income-Tax return must be required the Jurisdiction.
at right side see the image, learn to how to know Income-Tax A.O.Code, Jurisdiction Code,Ward/Circle.
 as under see the Alphabet words to know your Jurisdiction  A to Z words start.

Click here to Know What is Your Jurisdiction Code in Income-Tax.

"A"       "E"     "I"      "M"     "Q"    "U"    "Y"
"B"       "F"     "J"      "N"      "R"    "V"    "Z"
"C"      "G"     "K"      "O"     "S"    "W"
"D"      "H"     "L"    "P"      "T"    "X"

As Above we are try to All words to Deeply Knowledge of Jurisdiction Code.

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