Basic Introduction About Income Tax Guide And Primary Information for Newbies 2016

Income-Tax India- Introduce to Income-Tax Basic Rules and Help to Taxpayer Primary Rules and Procedure to Information.

PAN Number,Income-Tax Number, Permanent Account Number, online apply for PAN number,Online apply for Income-tax Number,PAN Number,This Article Introduce a Income-Tax Rules and Primary Basic Details about Income-Tax and Accounting Related Information in step by step Provide by us. Income Tax related every day update available, We are Inform the changes of Income tax Rules in India. Our Team Provide a Basic and Helpful Information send to our Members or Readers. Our website write a all article in related to Income tax and our team try to send useful information for our regular readers. This website learn to Simple and Easy language use to Help all India People and taxpayer to know Deeply income tax Law. Indian Income-Tax Act,1961 is a very huge and critical law. we are Provide information of Income-Tax rules and useful routine Act in use our life. we are teach a Some Basic Words in related to Income-Tax Legal Language. Income-Tax Department Launched Some Special Word for Identify a People or Taxpayer in India. Like a PAN Number, TAN Number, Tax-Payers, Assessment Year, Previous Year, Tax Deducted at Sources, Tax Collected at Sources, e filling, ITR,etc... words in Use Income-Tax Department to taxpayer or assesses each-other. 

First we are teach a word in deeply knowledge of Each Word before learn Income-Tax Basic Rules or Guides. 
PAN Number,Income-Tax Number, Permanent Account Number, online apply for PAN number,Online apply for Income-tax Number,PAN Number,
What is PAN Number
PAN Number :- we are Proudly feel that tell about PAN Number. PAN Number Generated by Income-Tax Department. All Taxpayer apply to On-line application to allotted for PAN Number. Income-Tax Language is called a Income-Tax Number or Permanent Account Number. PAN Number Generated By NSDL under Income-Tax Department. Important of PAN Number in as Taxpayer or Indian People routine Life.  PAN number use in every Transaction or every Govt.or to use a PAN Number. as under see the Benefit of PAN Number.

1. Open Bank Account Number.                    
2. Open Share De-mate Account.
3. Invest in LIC Policy or Life Insurance Policy in Govt.or Private Company.
4.Buy or Sale a Ornaments above Rs.1,00,000/-. 
5. Start Business to Open Current Account In Bank.
6. Take a Project or Home Loan to Must be required a PAN Number.
7.Cash Deposit above Rs.50,000/- in any Bank to must be required a PAN Number.
8.Sale or Buy a Property to registration in Govt. Above Rs. 5,00,000/- Purchase Property must be required a PAN Number.
9. Paid a above Rs.50000/- in Buy Vehicle or any Product purchase to required PAN Number.  This Video see the History about PAN Number. very Imported Video to see the Security use in Generated by PAN Number.

TAN Number :-  This Is One type of same as same PAN Number But when PAN number is looking a Smart Card when TAN Number is Printed on NSDL Printed header page. TAN Number is very Important Number in Business. Any Taxpayer want to start a Business- Must be apply First PAN Number in Partnership Firm or Individual Firm then Apply for TAN Number. every Indian start a Business to must be applied two Number compulsory to use in carry on Business. TAN Number full name of Tax Account Number or Tax Deducted Number. Income-Tax Language is TAN Number or TDS Number.

Here our team suggested to how, where, and when update our ITR return fill up date,  Last filling date, Update about ITR return, Deduction details, Income tax slabs, etc...  Here for helping our assesses. Salaried people, business profession income, house property income, capital gain, long-short term gain, TDS, professional tax, income from other sources, about investment, etc....  Help to our assesses.
Now, we are suggested to how to our-self e filling ITR return, income-tax refund status, pan application, TAN Application, TDS form, Advance tax, Basic knowledge of account, tally software, Journal Entries about accounts, calculation method of partner remuneration, How to increase or Decrease profit, provision, Tally software short-cut key, etc....  Know here.  We are try to our help to unemployment people to learn and earn money for read our website.
Our main purpose of help to people how to earn money. We are also sale our minds thought for every people. Every people know about our vision to help every people.

E filing ITR return online :- 

This Page Introduce a Basic Guidelines Provide a Common men to Know how to e filing a ITR return online. here, My team Provide a All type of ITR return Form and fill up system provide a all Indian People. we are Provide a Simple and easy system create for spread a knowledge all over taxpayer and Indian People. Income tax department Provide a various type of ITR Form. Each and every Form Pages Maximum 4 and Minimum 24 pages. Every taxpayer seen a ITR form and think negative about ITR Form. we are Provide a each and every column and every content in deeply Knowledge Provide. Now a days, all are Income tax Practitioner and Legal Advisor use of Income tax Software. Income tax software is very costly and yearly update charges. we are Provide a Income tax Software Created by Income tax Department for all Taxpayer. This software is very easy and simple Form. This Software made in excel sheet.  As under see the All are ITR Form with full bifurcation.

Income-Tax Return

Our On-line Services

Accountancy Course Online 

 Introduction of Account


  CHAPTER-2  Introduction of Account

 CHAPTER-3  Collect Accounting Paper
Here, we are started to on-line services to all assesses to free of sale to basic information. All assesses started a E-filling process up to end step by step suggest to reader.  If you have any query to send a mail, we are help to reply after 24hrs...  

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