GST Section-139 - Migration in the GST of the Current Registered Number-English

MIGRATION in the GST of the current registration number: Section-139
You are Reading GST Act,2016 in English Language. You are Reading GST Act,2016 in Section-139 Introduce a Basic Information about Migration of Current Sales Tax,Service Tax, Excise Tax number migrate to GST. You are reading Simple and Correct Information about Section-139 in GST Act,2016.You are know only Law of GST in Section 139. You are Read the Advice of Section 139 in What is the Process of Migration in GST Act,2016. You are Read The Basic Knowledge of Migration Like, Sales Tax Number, Service Tax Number and Excise Number and Import -Export CIN Number also Migrate in GST Number. You are also reading the GST Registration Law with Defination of GST and more Knowledge of GST Act,2016.As under the process of Migration in GST English Language.

In accordance with the provision of service tax, and the registration certificate issued under the service tax and VAT law, every trader or service provider who has a registration certificate issued by the VAT has a valid Permanent Account Number (PAN No.), their E-Mail Address and Mobile Number Update can be enrolled on the portal. Enrolled person will be given an Provisional Registration Certificate with GSTN in GST REG-25. Everyone who has been given the registration certificate on Provisional basis will be given GST REG-24 on the electronically issued portal with information and evidence provided in the application. The information and evidence mentioned in the application will be available in three months from the date of execution of the GST Act or the time limit extended by the Commissioner. Electronic registration certificate will be given in the GST REG-06 on the common portal, provided the information and evidence provided in the time limit extended by the time limit given by the person given the registration number on the Provisional basis. Evidence sought with the application will not be provided, or if the evidence seems to be inaccurate, the reason given in GST REG-27 will be given on an Provisional basis giving the viewer instructions to explain. Registration certificate cancellation order will be ordered in GST REG-26. The reason given in regard to the disclosure made by the Show Cause Notice can be canceled due to order instruction in GST REG-19. In the GST REG-28, an application can be filed on the Elegant Digital Portal and the registration certificate will be canceled by the investigation officer to cancel the registration certificate within 30 days from the person who has not been responsible for paying the tax, which is not responsible for paying the tax.

Central Govt. Tax Merged in GST: -

a Central Excise duty
b. Duties of Excise (Medicinal and Tutorial Prepares)
c. Additional Duties of Excise
d. Additional Duties of Excise (Textiles and Textile Products)
e. Additional Duties of Customs (commonly known as CVD)
f. Special Additional Duty of Customs (SAD)
g. Service Tax

h. Central surcharges and cesses so far as they relate to the goods and services.

State Govt. Tax Merged in GST :- 

a State VAT
b. Central Sales Tax
c. Luxury Tax
d. Entry Tax (all forms)
e. Entertainment and Amusement Tax (excluding levied by the local bodies)
f. Taxes on advertisements
g. Purchase Tax
h. Taxes on lotteries, betting and gambling

i. State surcharges and cesses so far as they relate to the goods and services

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