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Responsibility of the officer or responsible person regarding GST information:
 Section -133

You are read GST in English. You are read GST Act 2017 in Section-133 introduction of Responsibility Roll of Responsible or Non-Responsible Person Collected Information in GST Act 2017. You are read the GST Act 2017 in regarding of Section-133 is provide a Information of Roll of GST Administrative Offer or Responsible person. You are read the As under Short and simple information of GST Act 2017.

Under this Act, the information sought under section (Section-150 and Section-151) is to seek information below. A person who is collecting or collecting information from the gotten information or his computerized person or the state's tax officer, who is seeking information from the common portal, will be held responsible. If such information is disclosed intentionally, then he or she may be sentenced to 6 (six) months of imprisonment or Rs.25,000 / - or both for the following crimes when the information is disclosed at the time or at other times.

As per Section -133 of GST Act 2017, when any person is involved in the collection of data given by the business or taxpayer under the GST Act 2017 Section 151 or associated with its compilation or computerization system or any person working on the GST common portal There is a designated officer.

Which uses the specified information given under sub-section (1) of section-150 given in the GST Act, or if any person is connected or linked to a GST common portal or provided an agent of a common portal.

Here is a person, that is,

(A) If a person is a government employee or is nominated without the approval of the government, then under this section, no person will be prosecuted for this offense

(B) No person shall be subject to any criminal offense under this section, unless seeking prior approval of a GST or a superior officer or commissioner.

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